Blue-Collar Bad Boys Next Door Series by Mazzy King (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Blue-Collar Bad Boys Next Door Series by Mazzy King (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Blue-Collar Bad Boys Next Door Series by Mazzy King (2-3, 6)
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Overview: Mazzy King is the author of short, sexy, romantic suspense. She loves writing about the good bad boys and the women who can’t help but fall in love with them. If you love a sexy, tattooed bad boy with a heart of gold, badass and brilliant ladies, no cheating, and happily-ever-afters with a dose of thrill, you’ve come to the right place
Genre: Romance


2. Darby – Darby
I meet a lot of people on the streets of Port City every day—my job as a patrol cop demands it. But in a city this big, I thought I could avoid her.
Harlowe Monroe. The girl I’ve loved since childhood, but never felt good enough for. The girl who I watched fall in love with another man because I was too scared to tell her how I really felt.
Then, one fateful night, Harlowe calls, needing my help, and just like that…we’re face to face again. And then, we’re next-door neighbors.
This time, I’m not letting the chance to tell her how much I want her pass me by.
I’ve known Darby Cisneros since we were kids, and he was always the shy, quiet type. I always thought he was sexy, but he barely acted like I existed. Even now, as a cop, he hardly has two words to say to me even though he’s helped my family out in the past.
Now that I’m single after a terrible breakup, I move into the vacant apartment in his building. Being so close to him and still so far away drives me nuts, especially at night.
But now, with me next door…he won’t be able to ignore me.

3. Rocco – Rocco
I work hard at my plumbing business. Really, really hard. Beyond that, I got my dog. I got my buddies. I’m good.
Don’t believe me?
You shouldn’t.
I’m lonely as hell, though I’d rather die than admit it. But when a local restaurant reviewer who’s also the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen moves in next door, that loneliness becomes harder and harder to ignore, because she’s mine. I knew it the second she knocked on my door and asked for help.
When a restaurant she gave a bad review to sends someone after her to force her into retracting her article, I gladly put myself between her and them, because I’ll do anything to keep her safe.
Times are tough, and after a fire demolished my apartment building, I find an old, tiny furnished house in a quiet neighborhood to rent, which is all my writing salary can afford. My next-door neighbor? A tall, burly, broad-shouldered plumber.
He’s sexy as hell and a little intimidating at first, but seeing him with his dog shows me he’s a total marshmallow inside. Even though I’m wary of men in general, I can’t help but fall for him and his dirty side.
When I’m threatened for an article I wrote, it’s his strong arms I run to, because he’s the only man who can keep me safe.

6. Damien – Damien
After ten years as a Marine, I retired early so I could enjoy my thirties without all the horror.
Deployments all around the world have left their scars, but I’ve made a life for myself as a construction worker. I still get to be active and use my hands. I just don’t have to watch people I care about die.
Then, a little spitfire named Nancy hurtles into my life, and even though she’s so much younger than me and my opposite, I can’t get her off my mind.
I’m pretty sure she hates me until she approaches me one day to be her fake date to her sister’s wedding.
I should say no, because this isn’t going to go anywhere.
But I can’t resist the thought of spending an evening with her…
It’s been a hell of a year.
In that time, I escaped my abusive ex-boyfriend and found a great job I love. I’m trying to work my way back to normalcy, to something approaching a healthy life.
Now, I just have to prove that to my family.
My sister Harlowe’s getting married to the love of her life, and her wedding is the perfect time to show them all I’ve got my act together with my super sexy, super doting boyfriend.
Except I don’t have one.
The guy leading the construction crew where I work fits the bill physically, even though he’s eight years older than me and we get along about as well as oil and vinegar. But I’m desperate, and he’s willing.
It’s just one night, and then we can go our separate ways…

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6. Damien


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