Blackheart: The Wild Ones by Jessie Cooke (.ePUB)

Blackheart: The Wild Ones by Jessie Cooke (.ePUB)

Blackheart: The Wild Ones by Jessie Cooke (Jokers MC #1)
Requirements: .ePUB Reader, 242 kB
Overview: Evan “Blackheart” Babineaux is a hard-working, hard-partying, playboy who has spent most of his life as the President of the infamous Jokers, a 1% MC, set deep in the swamps of New Orleans.
Blackheart was raised in the swamps, as wild as the cattails that grow there and the alligators he’d learned to wrestle even before he was old enough to drive.

The swamps were also where he first lay his light blue eyes on Sally, the love of his life…and a dead body that neither of them would ever be able to forget.
New Orleans is known across the nation as a melting pot of cultures, its rich Cajun culture, its music, and its non-stop party atmosphere. It’s also known for its tales of voodoo, spirits, witches and vampires.
Evan and Sally will learn at a tender age that monsters are more often human than not, and there would be two human monsters lurking in the shadows that would have a heavy hand in shaping both of their lives.

The first installment of The Jokers is the story of Evan and Sally. From two kids who knew they were soulmates, to two tangled paths that have finally come to an intersection in life. It’s the story of two hearts that have beat as one for decades…and the one man who is hellbent on destroying it all.
Genre: Romance


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