Billionaire’s Lust Collection by Scarlett Grey (.ePUB)

Billionaire’s Lust Collection by Scarlett Grey (.ePUB)

Billionaire’s Lust Collection by Scarlett Grey (1-2)
Requirements: epub/azw3/mobi reader, 525 kb
Overview: Scarlett is a stay at home mom, vino loving, wannabe romance author with an obsession in creating your wildest dreams with her pen and pad.
Genre: Romance


1. Billionaire Temptations – Baby, wants to tear me down and expose me?
Well, 2 can play that game.
I’m a player. I play to win. By any means.
Go ahead and tell the world I’m ruthless
Billionaire owner of Club LUST
Untouchable and Chiselled like a Greek god.
I’m guilty of Heart-breaking for fun.
Besides, Anything REAL is Off limits.
Intense, beautiful… trophy like.
She writes me up to take me down.
But I never back down easily. For Anyone.
I kinda find it HOT how she doesn’t, either.
In the fight to take each other down.
And after everything’s laid bare on the table.
There’s only one question left.
Can she take it… when a REAL alpha-male
shows her how to play dirty?

2. Off Limit Secrets – Forbidden Fruit.
She’s my best friend’s little sister.
Gorgeous, whip-smart Hadley Prince.
I’ve fantasized about her for years.
Her touch, her taste.
Her screaming my name.
I’ve kept myself from touching her.
But when she damn near throws herself at me,
My iron will cracks. I hate her for it.
My veins pump as my fist clench.
Still, even her sweetness can’t reach me.
A cold steel ice vault.
My secrets are mine to keep.
And when she tells her brother about us?
I know I can’t trust her.
Not with my business, not with my life.
My heart?
Not on the table. Ever.
I’ll put her in her place.
Except she fiercely refuses to stay there.
She is fights harder than anyone I’ve ever seen.
As much as it pisses me off to admit it…
More than ever… I want what I can’t have.

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