Billionaire’s Biker Babe (#1-2) by Kalpana Kali (.ePUB)

Billionaire’s Biker Babe (#1-2) by Kalpana Kali (.ePUB)

Billionaire’s Biker Babe (#1-2) by Kalpana Kali
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Overview: Kalpana Kali was born in Sydney and educated at the University of New South Wales and the Australian National University in Canberra. She has worked as a teacher and librarian, and in Adult Education in Victoria and New South Wales.
A major force in YA fiction both in Australia and internationally, Judith Clarke’s novels include the multi-award-winning Wolf on the Fold, as well as Friend of my Heart, Night Train, Starry Nights, One Whole and Perfect Day, and the very popular and funny Al Capsella series. She is unsurpassed in her ability to convey complex emotional states with acute understanding and compassion.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Billionaire’s Biker Babe 1
Lila is still pure and untouched. She has no time for sex because winning a championship on her motorcycle is the only thing she thinks about.
But then Lila’s team is bought by a mysterious billionaire who assigns her a different mechanic. The new guy’s masculine sexuality makes her feel nervous and vulnerable. She hates his arrogant, domineering ways and his caveman mentality that sees women as only good for the home—barefoot and knocked-up.
Lila resists his power until one night when he binds her to his will. She must learn to submit and let him do as he pleases. Her first time will be hard and harsh, without protection.
Can Lila surrender totally, however, knowing that he sees her body only as a place to plant his seed?

Billionaire’s Biker Babe 2:
Three nights ago, Lila was cornered by the secret billionaire owner of her bike racing team. He took her innocence and purity. Her first time was had and harsh and without protection.
Now, Lochan is continuing his plans for Lila’s fertile body. While he pretends to be just a mechanic, making friends with the other men on the crew, he builds a trap around Lila. He will make her submit, then he intends to keep planting his seed in her.
When Lila tries to rebel, however, her billionaire owner recruits the other men on the team to teach Lila a lesson through her back door.
EXCERPT: She had to try hard to keep her eyes away from his work-hardened, oil-stained body as he indulged his habit of going shirtless. He fit among the machines and tools quite well she had to admit, like he was one of them almost, a man powered by a high-performance engine and built for feats of sexual magnificence.
Lila needed a cold shower to clear her head, but she was afraid to use the cubicle again. That was how she had lost her clothes last time.

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