Big Hot Alphas Series by Kate Hunt (.ePUB)

Big Hot Alphas Series by Kate Hunt (.ePUB)

Big Hot Alphas Series by Kate Hunt (1-5)
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Overview: Kate Hunt writes hot, short, sweet romances about delicious men and the heroines they can’t live without.
Genre: Romance


1. Dax – One conversation.
One kiss.
That was all it took to make me fall in love with Bailey.
We’re damn perfect together…
…except for the fact that she’s my buddy’s daughter.
But nothing’s going to stop me from making this curvy beauty mine.
Not her folks next door.
Not the age difference.
Not the storm.
Bailey is my destiny, my forever, my queen.
And I’ll move the damn mountain if that’s what it takes for us to be together.

2. TITUS – Madison’s fate is sealed the moment I meet her.
Those intoxicating curves of hers are destined to be mine.
And the way she looks at me—the way she smiles at me—gets me thinking about spending a hell of a lot more than one night with her.
One night is all she says she can give me, though.
And right now it’s all I can give, too.
But I’m coming back.
I’m putting a ring on her finger.
And I’m making this sweet girl forever mine.

3. LUCA – I’ve always known there was just one woman out there for me.
So when I meet Quinn, there’s no doubt in my mind that she’s the one.
Only problem?
She thinks I don’t know what I’m getting myself into—thinks I’m going to eventually have a change of heart.
My curvy beauty is right about a lot of things, but this is one thing she’s dead wrong about.
I’m hers, and only hers, until the end of time.

4. CASH – Dani was my first kiss.
My first love.
My first and only heartbreak.
A decade later, there’s a part of me that still hasn’t gotten over her.
So when a chance encounter brings us together again, I know I’m not losing her a second time.
Even when the unimaginable happens.

5. HOLT – Felicity is perfect for me in every way except for one:
She’s my best friend’s little sister.
As in forbidden. As in off-limits. As in not a damn option.
Problem is, the more we try to stay away from each other…
…the more fate pushes us back together.
There’s only so many times we can resist.
And as soon as her sweet lips touch mine, I know nothing’s ever going to be the same again.

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