Big Fat Lie Series by J. P. Comeau (.ePUB)

Big Fat Lie Series by J. P. Comeau (.ePUB)

Big Fat Lie Series by J. P. Comeau (1-2)
Requirements: epub/azw3/mobi reader, 364 kb
Overview: By day I’m a student working on my Master’s in Fine Arts, and by night I immerse myself in the story world where steamy, heartfelt romance novels come to life.
Genre: Romance


1. We’re Just Friends – Jake defended me when I was bullied in school.
It’s how we became friends, then best friends.
Everyone thought that we were dating… but nah…
Then one fine day, he picked up his bags and left.
Moved out of town. Became a billionaire.
I read about him in the gossip columns over the years.
I remember one article in particular.
He was holding hands with a woman who looked like
a plastic doll.
I wasn’t jealous.
Not a all.
That’s when I stopped looking. Moved on with my life.
But then the phone rang.
It was him.
That irresistible voice reminded me of my crush.
But we were just friends back in the day.
Could we remain the same now?

2. We’re Just Neighbors – A much older man? No thanks.
A hot older man? Maybe.
A billionaire bachelor next door? Definitely.
I didn’t think I’d be into him.
Richard is all wrong on paper.
But everything right in bed.
He was my small-town neighbor before he decided to move to New York and reunite with his long-lost daughter.
He didn’t even know he was a dad until recently.
Complications galore.
To make matters worse, I followed him to the big city.
I couldn’t resist. My heart led me straight to my former neighbor.
Richard doesn’t think that I can be a mom.
Well, challenge accepted.
I’m going to prove him wrong.
And then maybe… just maybe… we can be more than just neighbors.

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1. We’re Just Friends

2. We’re Just Neighbors


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