Beyond The Borderlands Series By Jay Aury (.ePUB)

Beyond The Borderlands Series By Jay Aury (.ePUB)

Beyond The Borderlands by Jay Aury (#1-5,7,9-11)
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Overview: Jay Aury is a Canada based author specializing in erotic fiction. By day he works a regular boring job, but by night he crafts the sizzling tales you can see on his page. A fan of the pulps of yesteryear, having missed his chance to publish in those magazines by about a century, he instead turns to ebooks to inflict his fantasies on the paying public.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic >Fantasy


In The Dungeons With The Orc (#1): The Wizard War has finished. The cruel sorcerer Arazan and his monstrous hordes have been defeated in the Siege of Kalwick Castle, killing the mad wizard and crushing his armies. Peace has returned to the inner kingdoms.

Yet in the Borderlands, black things stir. The monstrous hordes, scattered in the wake of Arazan’s defeat, infest the loosely populated region, growing in strength and size. Greatest among them are the orcs. Savage warriors bred by the wizard for the purpose of conquering the lands of men, now they raid the pockets of human civilization, burning and enslaving those they come across.

A chief of their clans has been captured, and Inquisitor Vale Thalam summoned to Erin Keep to break the brute and extract the information needed. But there is more to the orcs than mere brutish warriors. Soon she finds herself falling beneath the strange sway of the monster, and if she cannot break his will, then he will hers.

The Idol Of The Minotaur (#2): Dessana Starling has just made the biggest score of her career. Seizing a merchant ship travelling from the new world, the pirate queen and her crew discover a golden treasure in its hold. An idol from a savage land.

But there is more to this carven figure than meets the eye. And soon enough the busty pirate queen finds herself haunted by strange dreams. Dreams of burly beast men in a dark temple of steam and pleasures. Dreams whose influence seem to stretch beyond the night and into her waking day, altering her body into a more fitting bride to the creatures which haunt her.

Dessana finds her bust getting larger. Her appetites hungrier. Her pleasures redoubled until nothing will satisfy her. Nothing but the dark relief promised in her lurking dreams. And she must quickly decide what she wants more. To remain the She Wolf, scourge of the seas. Or to be enthralled to the lusts calling to her.

The Goblin’s Blade (#3): All her life Salia Tavinara has wielded her sword for her lord. For her realm. But as the orcish horde lays waste to the Borderlands under their monstrous chief Orgrar, it’s not a knight her people need, but an assassin.

Putting into motion a desperate plan, she seduces a goblin from the castle dungeon, enticing him to bring her to the very heart of the orcish camp, there to slay the brutal Orgrar, scattering his horde into warring clans once more. But few women can resist the seductive musk of the orcs, and no plan survives contact with the enemy…

Cuckolding The Crown (#4): Sold into marriage to secure a needed alliance, Lady Katherine Simoa, now Queen Katherine Loran, is far from happy. Her husband is ineffectual and weak, as attractive as a potato and about as thrilling in bed as one too.

Fortunately for the young queen, her marriage did bring her one thing. Among the wedding gifts was a single candle. One which, when lit, conjures a creature from the darkest pits of hell. A creature more than willing to show her the true heats of passion, and the very depths of pleasure’s sinful wells. And when she confronts the sorceress who gifted it to her, a new world of carnal delights at the hands of monsters and beasts of a stranger sort await her.

The Garden of Delight’s (#5): The roads of the Borderlands have never been truly safe. Even before the Wizard Wars danger lurked at every bend, a fact that Liana learns all too well when bandits attack her carriage. Fleeing on foot, she plunges into Bogwood, her attackers close on her heels.

Yet safety is soon found in a quiet glade. One under the care of a strange creature of flower and unspeakable loveliness. Offered sanctuary, Liana rests in the lost temple of this wild goddess, eating the fruit and drinking of a wine sprung from her host’s own breasts. Soon, simple hospitality takes a new turn, and the young princess finds pleasures she never dreamed in the arms of this womanly creature, pleasures she denied herself for so long in the world beyond the glade, a world she finds harder and harder to recall as she gazes into the fey’s green eyes.

The Lost City Of The Minotaurs (#7): It’s taken Daviya Marril years to reach the dark jungles of the Borderlands. A realm where men are not wanted, and only beasts roam. Yet she is a sorceress of Seth, and has come on a mission. To find the fabled city of Zashora, the forgotten crown in a kingdom long dead, devoured by the jungle’s sprawl.

To this end, she must recruit the savage warrior Croan to her cause. But the brutish minotaur has no use for money, and only the shapely form of the sorceress can buy his aid, and his loyalty. Yet, submitting to this barbarous monster under the steaming jungle may have consequences Daviya hasn’t forseen, and as her body changes, molded and yielding to the minotaur’s hungry touch, Zashora waits, beckoning her to its not so empty halls.

The Trials Of The Djinn (#9): Carmen Calia has always dreamed big. Bigger than her small job in Altava’s curio shop. Bigger than the adventurers whose tales she’s listened to as they sell their prizes to her employer. But though not lacking in ambition, the means of seeing her dreams come true have always been beyond her reach.

That is, until she opens up a bottle from the shop and finds herself the mistress of a busty, seductive djinn. Her ethereal slave is eager to serve, and when Carmen learns the djinn can grant her greatest wish, she eagerly takes the offer.

The catch is, she must first face three trials. A trial of Servitude, of Wisdom, and of Pleasure. Her buxom slave is eager to help her face them, and as Carmen battles through trials of mind bending pleasure, her body altered to fit the lusts of the depraved guardians, the question is, who will she be when she finally gets her wish?

Lair Of The Sorcerer (#10): Even years after the Wizard’s Wars, one name is still spoken of in fear. Remembered with a shudder. And that is Calisan Rawt. The Demon’s Hand. Not even his death at the gates of Kadin have removed his menace, nor the taint his presence has left on the lands he conquered.

His legend has come down to Avia Tremba, and in her hands, a map that leads to the lair of the horrific sorcerer. With the aid of Dravina, the amazon adventurer, and Lorina, priestess of Niana, they will try and reach this forgotten hold and seek the treasures that lie within, and destroy any relic of that dark sorcerer that remain.

A long and fraught journey await them however. Through lands held by goblin tribes, cities of phantoms, and demonic guardians. For though the Demon’s Hand may be dead, his legacy lives on, and as these three ravishing women near his lost citadel, they will find guardians only too willing to take them, and twist them to their lusts.

Dreams Of Demons (#11): Mariana Wolsen is a huntress. A warrior. One who delves into the blackest heart of the Borderlands to protect humanity from the menaces lurking in the dark. She’ll do anything to accomplish her mission. Pay any price.

But what the witch Xerina asks of her might be too much. Yet, to discover why orcs and goblins gather in the jungles of the Borderlands, she’ll have to take it, even if it means allowing her body to be used for a depraved experiment. Yet. what she learns only raises more questions, and for the answers she’ll need to head to the Bone Valley. As Mariana ventures on, she’ll find the journey arduous. Her body and mind teased and wracked with creeping corruption and sinful magics. And at the end of her journey, a meeting she may not have the strength to survive.

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