Best Served Cold by Stella Bristum (.ePUB)

Best Served Cold by Stella Bristum (.ePUB)

Best Served Cold by Stella Bristum
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 263 KB
Overview: The Morning After

Stretching languidly, Sadie Ann reached behind her finding Leroy missing from the bed. She imagined he was downstairs preparing breakfast for her as his mama had done for so many years. Yet the house was silent with no aromas drifting up from the kitchen.

She sat up and was thankful to once again be in her own bed in her own bedroom. Sadie Ann realized again how narrowly she had escaped a life of toil and trouble. She realized as a Jennings that she was not meant to live serving others.

Just then Sadie Ann saw the note and package resting on the bed beside her. She imagined the sweet words Leroy would have written for her to read as she awaited his return. Opening the envelope and turning the package over in her hands, Sadie Ann felt the hairs on her next stand in anticipation.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


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