Becoming His Hucow Series ( #1-3) by Amanda Lennox (.ePUB)+

Becoming His Hucow Series ( #1-3) by Amanda Lennox (.ePUB)+

Becoming His Hucow Series ( #1-3) by Amanda Lennox
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Overview: About Amanda Lennox
You can call me Mandy. I’m just a girl from small town Minnesota with big city fantasies. I enjoy writing anything taboo, but I especially love writing what I know.
Lactation and impregnation are my two favorite kinks. I could write about them all day, every day.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Becoming His Hucow: Erotic Discovery
19 year old Kayla never fully understood her deep desire to be suckled on. Ever since she could remember, she had a fascination with her breasts. She wanted them played with, squeezed, sucked, and on display at all times. Finally, she decided to do something about. So she found Matt.
Matt was more than a decade older than Kayla, and he is looking to turn her in to his personal hucow…
Will she submit and agree to become his personal hucow? Find out in Amanda Lennox’s 2nd creamy lactation series “Becoming His Hucow”

Becoming His Hucow: The Creamy Transformation
Kayla has always wanted to be a hucow, and Matt is going to help her become one. One night, Matt brings over a breast pump and some mystery pills… what happens next is the hottest, milkiest transformation you’ll ever experience.
Will Kayla be happy once she fully transforms into a hucow? Will Matt be pleased with her womanly figure and insane milk supply?

Becoming His Hucow: The Hucow Farm
Matt and Kayla go on their first milky vacation together. Now that Kayla is a hucow, she is more than excited to spend a few weeks alone with her man.
However, Kayla doesn’t know that Matt is actually taking her to his personal hucow farm. Is Kayla going to like being strapped down and milked? Find out here!

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