Beacon Hill Series by J.D. Fondry (.ePUB)

Beacon Hill Series by J.D. Fondry (.ePUB)

Beacon Hill Series by J.D. Fondry (1-3)
Requirements: epub/azw3/mobi reader, 1.6 mb
Overview: J.D. Fondry is an Amazon Bestselling Author, completely and utterly flying by the seat of her pants when it comes to this whole writing thing. She currently resides in New England, the home of saying “wicked” every other word, with her three-legged rescue pocket-pittie, Harley.
Genre: Romance


1. The Way We Burn – Kennedy: Uprooting my big city life and moving to small-town New York to start over seemed like the best idea. The plan was to pave my own way as I always have; escaping my tumultuous past I so desperately want to forget. This summer was supposed to be a do-over until he walked in and set my world ablaze. A new job, an obsessive ex, new friends, new…lover? This summer is about to get interesting.
Palmer: I’m no stranger to odd stares around town; I got used to that long ago. Going through the motions and drifting through a mundane life was normal until she strolled into town, igniting something long forgotten within me. When secrets unravel and the truth threatens to tear us apart, she must decide whether to stay and endure the flames or let our light flicker out.

2. From the Ashes – Palmer: She left almost a year ago without giving me a moment to explain myself. A lot has happened since then, and as we’re about to find out, that shit show of a summer is going to be the least of our problems. She set fire to my life back then, igniting my tired soul. Now she’s back looking better than ever and our fire still burns.
But that’s not the only thing burning this year.
Kennedy: Everything in Beacon seems different. A lot has happened since I hightailed it out of here after catching Palmer in a lip lock with his ex—the main change being that he seems to have moved on. I’m willing to fight for him, and I know I’ll need to pull out all the stops. We burned so hot last year…can we find our way back from the ashes?

3. Lie To Me – No lie can stay hidden forever…
Sterling: He was supposed to be my job. My new story. The story, if I’m being honest. The one to get me noticed and the one to get me out of Beacon Hill. What I didn’t expect was to fall for him. Flat on my face. Sound the alarms, and send search and rescue…’cause I’m a goner. He’s moody and barely talks to anyone. He’s covered in ink and everything I’m supposed to be repulsed by. So why can’t I stay away?
Deacon: She was supposed to interview me at my shop. I thought she was doin’ a fluff piece on tattooin’—turns out jokes on me and I’m the subject. I’ve always been a good liar; I can maneuver my way out of this mess. I just wanted to live a normal, stress-free life after my time behind bars. What I didn’t expect was to need her more than I’ve ever needed anyone else. She’s loud and she talks far too much. She’s a prissy little thing and everythin’ I’ve always hated. So why do I keep pulling her back?
…and he’s about to make her question all her truths.

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