Beach House Memories Series by Francesca Lane (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Beach House Memories Series by Francesca Lane (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Beach House Memories Series by Francesca Lane (1-4)
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Overview: Francesca Lane writes sweet beach romances for any time of year. She found her prince on a sunny beach–and he’s been her heroic muse ever since. Francesca loves barefoot days, aimless musings, and swoony love stories.
Genre: Romance


1. Grace’s Fake Groom – He needs a fianceé. She needs a job. When they join forces, what could go wrong?
Grace Morelli landed her dream job at Ryan & Ryan only to walk in one morning to a mass exodus from the office. Not good timing–especially with her siblings’ beach house problem hanging over them.
When Chase Ryan, her irascible boss, delivers his newest recruit some very bad news, she finds a way to solve her problem–and his.
But will their farce go too far?

2. Daisy’s Secret Billionaire – A billionaire architect, the girl next door, and the secrets they’re both keeping …
Jake Morelli arrived in Colibri Beach for one thing and one thing only: to fulfill his parents’ quirky last wishes. He didn’t bargain on becoming increasingly distracted by the girl next door.
Daisy Mcafee never thought she’d see her childhood crush again. Nor did she ever want to. But when she’s called home from relief work to care for her ailing mother, she’s shocked to learn that Jake Morelli is back–and living right next door.
With a lawsuit hanging over Jake, and a shady ex-foreman on the run, he’s hoping his thirty days working on the family beach house will race by.
Daisy has troubles of her own. Her mother’s home is in disrepair and the small town planning department isn’t offering much help.
As Jake works to smooth away the years of mischief that divided them, Daisy softens toward him. Unfortunately, he harbors a secret that could destroy any progress the two make.
Can Jake and Daisy’s new bond overcome their secrets and lead them back to each other?

3. Luke’s Second Chance Family – A semi-pro surfer, his former love, and the daughter he never knew existed …
Retired semi-pro surfer Luke Hunter had been avoiding this day for as long as he could remember: Maggie Morelli was back in town. After he broken her heart years ago, she left Colibri Beach–and never looked back.
Maggie’s reappearance is a reckoning of sorts. Her parents’ quirky Last Will and Testament left the family beach house to their five children–but with a catch. She–and her daughter, Eva–had arrived to comply with her parents’ wishes. Nothing more.
But small towns have a way of bringing people together in spite of themselves. Soon Eva and Luke’s daughter, Siena, form a bond, forcing Luke and Maggie together again and again. When Maggie learns the truth behind Luke’s broken marriage and their own bond begins to grow, she’s faced with a dilemma.
As truths are revealed, how much will they have to forgive in order to become a family?

4. Lacy’s Billionaire Boss – A resort billionaire, the dazzling beauty his brother admires, and the decisions he must make to keep them both in his life …
Finn Hastings’s workaholic ways have kept his chain of luxury, big city resorts humming along, but his personal life? Not so much. After a spectacular dumping by his fiancee, he is persuaded to search for resort property in a quiet coastal area. The change of scenery might give him the solace he craves.
Lacy Morelli arrived in Colibri Beach with a bottle of wine and a few too many regrets. Her work at Hastings Hotels has lost its luster. so she’s come to the beach to think through her future–and to fulfill her parents’ quirky last wishes.
Finn had not expected to find himself drawn to the woman his brother has long admired–and he becomes torn.
Lacy hadn’t planned on spending so much of her vacation bumping into the CEO of Hastings Hotels in her small town. Nor does she believe everything he tells her about his property search.
What will it take for Lacy and Finn to overcome their doubts to find their happily ever after?

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4. Lacy’s Billionaire Boss


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