Barbarians of the Sand Planet Series by Tana Stone (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Barbarians of the Sand Planet Series by Tana Stone (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Barbarians of the Sand Planet Series by Tana Stone (1-5)
Requirements: epub reader, 1.4 mb 721 kb
Overview: I write Sci-fi action romance featuring hot alien warriors, feisty women not willing to sit on the sidelines, and steamy sexy moments.
Genre: Romance


1. Bounty – As captain of the galaxy’s only all-female bounty hunter crew, Danica thought she was prepared for anything. She wasn’t expecting him.
Marooned on a sand planet, injured, and separated from her crew, Captain Danica Miller is not having a good day. When she’s rescued from the desert by a huge, gold-skinned alien, she doesn’t know whether to be relieved or to panic. Not only is he clearly a barbarian—a barely-dressed one at that—he seems to be able to read her thoughts. Even worse? She can sense his. And he seems to think she’s his to claim.
The last thing K’alvek wants is a frail creature distracting him from his mission—even if he does feel drawn to her. Then why can’t he stop himself from saving the willful woman and vowing to help her and her crew get off the planet? Especially when what he really wants to do is drag her to his tent and never let her go.

2. Captive – Snatched by bounty hunters. Captured by aliens. Guarded by a warrior with a dangerous secret.
It wasn’t bad enough that scientist Max Dryden was taken as a bounty by an all-female space bounty hunter crew. Nope, that was only the beginning. When the bounty hunters were marooned on a sand planet, she was captured by aliens and taken to their city. Now she’s got a personal bodyguard and captor watching her every move.
One problem. He’s not one of the aliens who took her. He’s one of the sand barbarians sent by the bounty hunter women to break her out and bring her back. Since she’s determined to find a way off the planet and out of captivity, he’s a very big and very hot distraction she doesn’t need.
His mission was to infiltrate the Crestek city, find the human female, and bring her back to his Dothvek village and the other women. Well, he found her all right. Now he’s serving as her personal guard, locked inside the luxurious suite in the enemy city, and trying to ignore the fact that the human scientist he was sent to rescue is a beautiful, intriguing female. Can he get them both out without being discovered? Or losing his heart?

3. Torment – Tori wants nothing to do with the gorgeous, sand planet barbarians. Too bad she’s stuck with the cockiest Dothvek alive.
Stowing away on the enemy ship to sabotage it may not have been Tori’s best idea, but she meant for it to be a solo mission. She never planned for a huge Dothvek warrior to come along for the less-than-pleasant ride. And why did it have to be Vrax, the arrogant barbarian who gets under her skin so much? When he gets captured and offloaded to an alien slave market, she knows she can’t leave him behind. But can she save him from the notorious slavers and get back to her crew on the sand planet?
Vrax can’t explain his need to protect the fierce bounty hunter. She certainly doesn’t welcome his help, although her protests only seem to add fuel to his fire. When he’s taken to an alien city known as the Den of Thieves, he fears he may never see her or his home ever again. Especially when he’s purchased by a madam who has very specific plans for the hunky warrior.

4. Tribute – She gave herself to the aliens to save her friends. Now she’s pledged to be the Crestek warrior’s mate. But will the marriage of convenience become something more?
Volunteering herself as tribute to the aliens was the only way Holly could ensure the safety of the rest of her bounty hunter crew. Problem is, now she’s locked in the alien city and engaged to marry a guy she’s never even met. All she wanted to do was save her friends so they could get off the sand planet. She never dreamed she’d end up as some huge alien’s mate. She’ll play along until she can find a way to escape, and then she’s gone, and he’ll be nothing but a memory. What could go wrong with this plan?
As one of the high-born Cresteks, he could have his pick of mates, but now he’s been told he must marry the alien female they took from the Dothvek barbarians. The flame-haired female may stir his desire, but she also seems to take pleasure in defying him. The last thing he wants is a stubborn mate who doesn’t even want to be bonded with him. He’ll go along with it for the sake of his family honor, but he has no intention of falling for her. Right?

5. Savage – Waking up with a gorgeous alien barbarian and discovering he’d kidnapped her was bad enough. But she’s also trapped in the middle of a desert where no one can find her.
The cherry on top? No matter how much Caro protests, he’s convinced she’s his fated mate. And he won’t let her go until he’s claimed her.
Caro thought the Dothveks who helped them when they crash-landed on the planet were big and brawny and intimidating. But the barbarian who kidnaps her is even scarier. He’s a disgraced Dothvek who’s been exiled from the clan for murder, and he’s been living by himself in the desert. Apparently, he thinks she’s his to take. Not if she has anything to say about it.
Rukken has been by himself on the sands for years when he hears of the human females living with his former clan. The moment he sees Caro, he knows she’s meant to be his mate. Too bad she isn’t convinced. He’ll just have to keep her hidden until she realizes she belongs to him. Even if it means tying her up. If only he could restrain his own desires as easily as he can restrain the small female.

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5. Savage


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