Bad Russian Series by Alice May Ball (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Bad Russian Series by Alice May Ball (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Bad Russian Series by Alice May Ball (1-5, 7-11)
Requirements: epub reader, 2.6 mb
Overview: Alice has absolutely nailed it with ‘Perfectly Bad,’ a fast paced story with well written dialogue, thrills and spills, passion, lashings of humor and an array of rich characters. This is a five star read that will appeal to all lovers of bad boy romances.
Genre: Romance


1. Alexandr Obsessed – When wealthy, powerful Alexandr sees Cate, the fresh and innocent American art student, he knows at once that he must have her, whatever it takes. He will make her his, teach her for the first time what it means to feel the strength of a Russian man who knows exactly how to take what he wants.
The first time Cate encounters Alexandr, his power and his huge, gorgeous body make her tremble, fearful.
Unsure how to respond to the strong man’s insistent demands, she is reluctant to trust him and give in.
When she learns how raw, passionate, and determined he is to protect her and give her everything she needs in the long, blue nights, Cate starts to wonder what it might be like to feel the Russian oligarch’s power.

2. Arkady Possessive – She is the reason that I am a man.
The moment Arkady sees the lovely intern in the shadows, as soon as he catches the wet spark in her eyes and the slow peel as her lips pull apart, he knows that he has to have her. No matter what it takes.
But he is in enemy territory.
Innocent and pure Saskia will never trust a man, but the feelings stirred up by the powerful Russian are too strong to be denied.
He shows her his raw strength, and he seems determined to protect her, but how can she believe him?

3. Yevgeni Protector – She drives me insane but I can’t let her go.
I must have her. She has to be mine. Now. And forever.
Yevgeni knows two things the moment young, troubled Carlie steps into the bar. He knows that she’s trouble on luscious, curvy legs. Wherever she goes, chaos erupts around her. She is a fireball.
The other thing he knows is that she is the woman for him. Whether he likes it or not.
Carlie’s life has never been easy, and men have never been good news. This huge and powerful Russian may be the worst yet. But where else can she turn in a time of trouble?

4. Nikita Forceful – As soon as I see her, I know that she has to be mine
I didn’t know that I needed her until the moment I saw her.
They say that opposites attract. We’re definitely that. I live in the moment, driven by passion. She has her little life all planned out.
I’ll make her forget all of those plans.
She has no idea of the effect that she has.
Now that I’ve found her, she’s everything. I need her. I have to break her precious purity and make her mine. Forever.
He’s too much older. And he’s way too big.
I need to keep well away from this dangerous older man. He’s trouble. I feel it in the pit of my stomach, as soon as his long strides stamp across the floor behind me.
He’s not like the low-life regulars in the basement bar where I work my ass off for rent and school fees. He is a whole other kind of beast. And he wants to turn my life upside down.
I can’t stop the tremble in my chest when I think of him. Or the tingles down my thighs. I’ve never been in love and if this is what it is, it scares me. But I want it so much.
And I can’t stop thinking about what he said,
“Are you going to fight and struggle every step of the way?”

5. Mischa Dominant – One dominant older Russian mobster, obsessed by one curvy and innocent American girl.
Insta-love crackles and white-hot sparks fly.
I never allowed emotion to disrupt my life before, but my plans all fly out of the window as soon I’m caught by her big round eyes, gleaming into mine. One glimpse of her heart-thumping curves and my pulse starts to hammer.
Irina’s scent smokes into my head and curls around my memory. I can’t think of anything else until I have claimed her for my own. Forever.
My breath catches as soon as Mischa steps into an elevator car behind me. Right away I know that he is like no other man I ever saw.
I know opposites attract but I never felt it before. Now the pull is so hard and I don’t know if I can resist. Since the moment I saw him, I think about him. All of the time. Night and day, my heart burns and aches for him. Other parts of me, too. How was I to know that the man with the hard, smoldering eyes was a notorious gangster?
The worst thing is, it makes me want him even more.

7. Dimitri Driven – I’ll do whatever it takes to save her. Then I’ll make her mine.
How can I resist him when he’s so much man?
I always laughed at men who get trapped by love. I dismissed them as weak. Now my fate is bound to this curvy beauty and I’m stepping into the snare.
I’ll do anything to make her safe. She has no idea what danger she’s in. But how can I keep from falling for her when she’s so perfect?
I’m in his power and I like it. How can he be so impossibly hot?
I know an older man like him wouldn’t be interested in a curvy girl like me, but I’m burning to know what goes on inside that deliciously expensive suit.
I shouldn’t feel the way that I do, but he’s just too much man!

I’m breaking the law, coming here on a rescue mission, but I can’t stand by when I need to protect her
I know what I want, and whatever it takes, I’m going to get it, whatever way I can. As soon as I see her, I know that I’ll have to have her, however wrong it is.
A lion of the Moscow major crimes division, I’ve slipped the leash and gone rogue on a personal vendetta in the US port city of Baltimore. But the first glimpse of her changes all my plans.
I have to have her, I have to make her mine.
But first I have to make her safe.
My first night alone in a strange city, and things are looking bad. I’m sure the man who is supposed to protect me has bad intentions, but who can I turn to? Who can I trust?
Through the darkness, the glow of a steady pair of hooded eyes gives me a thrill like I never knew before. Could this rough, older stranger be my rescuer?

When she steps into my world, she’ll learn that I’m in charge.
I need a big scoop to impress my photography professor, so I want to aim for the top. The A-list fashion launch of the season is a dazzling collection of Russian jewelry, and it’s happening in San Francisco tonight. I only need to talk my way into the party, on the megayacht Firebird.
When Parker tries to get aboard Firebird, she assumes that the scarily hot older man she almost runs into must be a security guard. How could she know she’s out of her depth already?
I’m used to ruling my world. High fashion is serious business, it’s not a place for little girls to play. I’ll let the amusing American girl come aboard, but she’d better be ready. My world, my rules.
Konstantin can’t imagine the typhoon of emotion he’s about to let aboard and into his kingdom.
Together they’re caught on a current of passion. A love wider than the bay, deeper than the sea. Rougher than a storm on the open ocean. It’s all about to rain down on Parker’s inexperienced little life and crash Konstantin’s arrogant confidence.

10. Valentin Jealous – Valentin is passionate, possessive, and jealous
When the older Russian man’s attention fixes on a young American girl, nothing can stand in his way.
I love how she dances, I love how she eats.
She drives me insane, but I can’t get enough of her.
I must claim her. She has to be mine, completely and in every way.

But her heart’s in my sights the first time I see her. Her lips are my next target, and her soft curves spell danger. I must have her, spread her open and spear the whole of her heart.​
​First, I must save her, witness or not. No time to explain, I have ninety minutes to get this done.​
​I have to have her, to take her and make her safe. And make her mine, completely. Whatever it takes, I will claim her.​
THERE’S A KILLER IN TOWN, an older man with a ruthless streak a foot long and a fist thick. And I’m about to discover how closely he’s watching me.​
​I’m sent to wait alone on the quayside, to finalize a dirty money deal. I know I’m out of my depth. A strange Russian voice calls, a voice dripping with sin. He tells me I’m in danger. I have to get away. He tells me to run.​
​Do I run, or do I stay? Either way, I risk having the devil inside of me.​

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11. Anatoly : Ruthless


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