Bad Boy Bikers Club series by Naomi West (.ePUB)+

Bad Boy Bikers Club series by Naomi West (.ePUB)+

Bad Boy Bikers Club series by Naomi West (#4-5)
Requirements: .ePUB/AZW3 Reader, 1.3 MB
Overview: I write dark, contemporary bad boy romance. My heroes have filthy mouths, hot bodies, and the perfect blend of light and dark.
Genre: Romance


Ranger: Cold Angels MC (#4): A desperate singer falls for a tatted savage in this full-length, standalone motorcycle club romance.
CASSIE: My manager sold me out to the worst men alive.
They want to buy me so they can break me.
I’m in way over my head.
Ranger is the only thing keeping me afloat.
He’s a beast, too—but a different kind of beast altogether.
Because when he growls in my ear…
When he throws me across his bike… He makes me think that a future might be possible.
If we can just get out of here alive.

RANGER: I’ve got skeletons in the closet. Demons in my head.
She deserves a better man than me.
But I just couldn’t help myself.
I needed her sweetness. I needed her light.
So I did what I shouldn’t have done.
Took what I shouldn’t have taken.
And now…
I’ll burn in hell before I give her up.

Blade: Devil’s Fangs MC (#5): An unexpected baby motorcycle club romance.
VENUS: My dad dragged me into this underworld of bikers and blood, gangs and gore.
I thought he was the devil.
Then he sold me to some bad men on the worst night of my life.
And I realized… my time in hell was just beginning.
Blade is a growling, tattooed menace.
But he’s the only chance I have of surviving this chaos.
All I have to do is keep my mouth shut and my mind occupied.
He’s making that awfully hard though.
Because the president of the Devil’s Fangs MC is sinfully cruel and deliciously dominant.
He’s everything I shouldn’t want… and everything I ever needed.
Besides, weren’t rules meant to be broken?

BLADE: She doesn’t belong here.
My world is far too dangerous for an innocent thing like her.
And I’m the most dangerous thing in it.
Touching her is wrong.
Claiming her is worse.
But I did both, and now I’m stuck with the consequences:
Her dad in a frenzy.
Her gang on the warpath.
And, worst of all…
My baby in her womb.

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