Astrogator series by A.C. Ellas (.ePUB)

Astrogator series by A.C. Ellas (.ePUB)

Astrogator series by A.C. Ellas (Books #1-10)
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Overview: “I’ve long since embraced my inner nerd. I revel in my Greekness and in my Geekness. I have two lives: the mundane reality of life here on earth, and the far more interesting life in my head. I love ancient history; ancient forms of combat; target archery; sabre fencing; anything to do with horses other than western saddle stuff; organic food and sustainable farming; and science fiction and fantasy of all varieties, especially conventions, which are the only gatherings on earth where I can find many people just as strange as I am.”
Genre: Erotic Sci-Fi Romance, MM


1. Dark Star Origins: Insanity comes in many forms. Two young men travel separate paths toward their destinies. As one claws his way out of the deep hell that is his life toward something better, the other spirals down from the heights of luxury toward madness. Will the two young men persevere long enough to realize their dreams? Or will insanity drag them into the depths of despair?

2. Tarasch: To love another is worth the risk of burning out one’s mind. Captain Nick Steele is young to be in command of a starship, and his Astrogator, Cai, is fresh from the Guild Halls himself, which is not how things are supposed to be done. It’s bad enough that they’re both wet behind the ears, but Nick quickly discovers that he’s irresistibly drawn to Cai like a moth to a flame, with the same relative risks the moth faces. Cai proves the stronger man when he tells Nick in no uncertain terms that he can’t risk burning out Nick’s mind for the sake of some physical pleasure. As their ship spirals into the dark heart of Tarasch, will Nick ever overcome Cai’s objections to their mutual attraction?

3. A Laughing Owl: The colonists all report seeing the same thing—Santa Claus. With their maiden voyage behind them, the crew of the Laughing Owl is sent on a mission to ferry scientists to an odd planet where, according to reports, Santa Claus has been sighted, flying high in a sleigh pulled by reindeer. Nobody’s sure what Santa’s up to—he hasn’t delivered a single present. Captain Nick Steele agrees with the scientists who propose that Santa is a mass hallucination and probably the result of some unknown compound in the water, air or food. But Astrogator Cai isn’t so sure, because if Santa is a hallucination, everyone on the planet is having the same hallucination, identical to the smallest detail. As Christmas approaches, will the crew of the Laughing Owl solve the mystery of the hallucinogenic Santa or will the man prove to be real by delivering presents in the dead of night?

4. Ghost Fleet: Gossip is proof of faster than light travel. When war breaks out, the Laughing Owl is sent on a mission to discover, if they can, the system of origin of their mysterious rolling adversary. Dying of boredom while waiting for something to happen, Captain Nicholas Steele and Astrogator Cai are not as discreet about their relationship as they should be and soon the whole ship knows. Certain to face the Guild’s wrath for their actions and dealing with a foe that has turned out to be tougher than they expected, will the pair manage to fly clear of their adversaries long enough to find a solution to the problems besetting them?

5. The Psionics Guild: So, you think you’re in love with an Astrogator. Captain Nick Steele discovers that being married to an Astrogator isn’t as easy as he’d thought it would be. Not that Astrogator Cai was an issue, for they remained deeply, passionately in love with one another, but everyone else seems to have an issue with it, especially the administrators of the Psionics Guild. To what lengths will the Guild go to separate Nick from their Astrogator? What price is Nick willing to pay to keep Cai? What will Cai give up to keep Nick?

6. Not a Prison Ship: Sometimes, the bait fights back. With their ship disguised as a tramp freighter, Captain Nick Steele, Astrogator Cai and the crew of Laughing Owl serve as bait to catch a pirate preying on the ships traveling the silk road. Their orders are to disable and capture the pirates so that admiralty can interrogate them. Both the pirate ship and the Laughing Owl soon realize they’ve bitten off more than they can chew. Will the pirates succeed in their attempts to take over Laughing Owl? Or will Nick and Cai manage to defeat their foe despite an unexpected betrayal?

7. The Owl Initiative: “Too bad this isn’t a sci-fi holo. Then, we could just ignore physics.” Something’s afoot. Every Owl-class frigate in the fleet has been summoned to Hevetich, including Laughing Owl. Astrogator Cai and Captain Steele arrive prepared for anything, but they don’t expect the mission Admiral Nbuntu hands to them. Humanity may be ready to strike back at the aggressive Rels, but Cai thinks the plan has more holes in it than a block of Swiss cheese, and it’s up to the strategic mind of his husband to salvage the situation yet again. With the war hanging in the balance and an admiral breathing down their necks, will Nick and Cai manage to complete their mission and take the fight to the enemy?

8. Aldebaran Defense: The Rels are up to something. Astrogator Cai and Captain Nick Steele must race against time to discover where the alien Rels are going in such numbers. Once they realize where their enemies are heading, they face the even more daunting prospect of ordering the evacuation of a well settled system. Will the crew of the Laughing Owl stave off disaster for the Aldebaran colonies or will the Rels take their revenge for the Owls strike on their home system?

9. SCS Darkstar: Broad target selection. Happy hunting. When the long-extinct Rovania are found still alive, steps are taken to integrate them into the modern age. When the newly commissioned Space Corps Ship Dark Star reaches Earth to pick up crew, Astrogator Cai and Captain Nick Steele come face to face with a dream made real—actual, living Rovania. Veloki has no interest in abiding by the wishes of his su-periors, he wants a human to play with, and the other Rovania feel likewise. Within hours of arriving on Dark Star, they agree to catch themselves some humans and show them what the Rovania do for fun. There’s more than one way to integrate.

10. Integration: Do you want sex before or after dinner? The Dark Star has had Rovania aboard for nearly a year. Astrogator Cai and Captain Steele are delighted by their new friends and continue to support their integration into modern society. At the same time, War Leader Yeraki is working his way through the Academy, with every intention of serving on a starship in order to prove that Rovania can be successful while serving alongside humans as equals. Will Yeraki’s dream become a reality?

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