Alpha Wolf Academy Series by JJ King (.ePUB)

Alpha Wolf Academy Series by JJ King (.ePUB)

Alpha Wolf Academy Series by JJ King (2-3)
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Overview:JJ King is a USA Today Bestselling Author living in Newfoundland, Canada, with her amazing six-year-old son. She writes sexy paranormal romance featuring alpha females and the men who are strong enough to love and fight beside them. Wolf shifters are her first love and at the center of her wolf world, which starts in The Guardians trilogy and continues in Alpha Wolf Academy.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


2. Wolf Moon – A fancy ski resort, a ghost from her past, a deadly flight, and a whole shitload of trouble.
Elena Jensen’s world, as she knew it, no longer exists. In the aftermath of the attack on Alpha Wolf Academy, she feels more alone than she ever has. She can’t trust her family or The Sisterhood, and Connor, the wolf chosen as her personal guard, brings up a painful part of her past, one she’d prefer to forget.
When she and half the students of AWA are shipped to a shifter exclusive ski resort for winter break, Elena starts to think things aren’t so bad. She has a boyfriend that makes her rethink the existence of soul mates, a friend who makes her feel safe, and a new influential mentor.
Elena’s tentative foundation is destroyed when disaster strikes on the return flight, leaving Elena stranded in the middle of the wilderness with ten other students, a dead pilot, a wounded teacher, and Connor.
When it’s life and death, you dig deep to keep yourself and others alive… or you die trying.

3. Blood Moon – A troubled relationship, a political attack, abackstabbing traitor, and a whole shitload of trouble.
Elena Jensen is done being the victim. She’s stronger now and ready to begintraining her most valuable asset, her natural born Alpha powers. Life wouldactually be looking up, if it weren’t for the price on her head and her soulmate’s inability to move past the moment she’d shared with Connor during theplane crash.
When she begins training with someone uniquely qualified to help with her newpowers, Elena starts to think that maybe she has a chance against her psychoticuncle and that maybe she could one day reclaim what is rightfully hers.
Elena’s hopes and plans come crashing down when The Sisterhood is attacked onmultiple fronts, leaving her new allies reeling and vengeful against those whowould harm them. Caught up in the rush of political upheaval, Elena never seesthe hand that betrays her or the blow that threatens her life.
You’ll never know how much strength you have until you’re given the choice tofight or die.

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2. Wolf Moon

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