Alpha Werewolf Complete Set by Marilynn Fae (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Alpha Werewolf Complete Set by Marilynn Fae (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Alpha Werewolf Complete Set by Marilynn Fae
Requirements: .ePUB, .AZW reader, 1.96MB | Retail
Overview: This four-book collection features innocent young prey shifters falling prey to powerful Alpha Werewolves. Here, you will find:
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Obedient Kitten
When Theodore’s friend dies unexpectedly, he bequests him a house and everything in it. Everything includes a young cat shifter who was under Danny’s protection. A cat half-shifter, the lawyer says, eyes gleaming with greed and envy. Cat shifters are a rare species in a world ruled by humans and werewolves. They are considered precious and protected, and a half-shift like her? Cat ears and fluffy tail curled around her body- Well, she is worth tens of millions in the black market. It’s the only reason why Theodore has her now. Danny knows that he has no use for more money. What he does want, however, is a mate.

Training Hucow
The last thing Erik expects to see when he arrives in the newly opened mandatory Shifter class that the University had just set up that week is a bound hucow being rolled into the class like a human sacrifice It’s actually a fairly accurate description. Their professor thinks hucows are made to be used and is offering her just for that purpose. Except he’s wrong. She’s not a toy to be used. She’s precious and most importantly, she’s his and he intends to make it clear right there in front of all his classmates.

Abandoned Kitten
Anna has never dealt with change well. When Anna losses her Master, she panics and shifts into her cat form, hiding in her animal mind because she doesn’t have to deal with grief if she’s a cat. Except nobody tells the werewolf who had been tasked with taking care of her that she’s not actually a cat. It’s not bad, being treated like an animal, though. He feeds her and pets her. Maybe she could just stay like this forever. Except she’s human too and she has needs that has nothing to do with food and shelter. When she takes her human form, she surprises the Werewolf Alpha with her pale skin and cat ears and long, perfect tail. He thought there was something wrong with him. When he sees her shift to her human form, he intends to claim her.

Lost Little Rabbit
Ally is pretty sure she’s going to die. She should never have wandered away from her friend. Now, werewolves have taken interest in her and are hunting her down in broad daylight. She’s a weak – and probably delicious – rabbit, so it’s only a matter of time before they catch her. There are only so many places she can hide in the city. That doesn’t stop her from running as hard as her Shifter Rabbit heart can handle in hopes of escaping. She panics and shifts into her full rabbit form, white and fluffy and absolutely useless. When she’s captured, it’s not by the werewolves who’ve cornered her in the first place but a strange Alpha Werewolf who’s capable of shifting into a majestic wolf. She thinks he’s here to save her, but he bends and lifts her up by the scruff of her neck and brings her home instead. Ally is pretty sure she’s going to die.

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