Alpha Firefighters Series by Kayla Kelly (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Alpha Firefighters Series by Kayla Kelly (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Alpha Firefighters Series by Kayla Kelly (2-4)
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Overview: Kayla grew up in California and still lives there with her family, three dogs, and two cats. She’s always been fascinated with relationships, loves Italian food, and can’t wait to visit Hawaii one day.
Genre: Romance


2. Burning For You – Heath
We made eye contact the moment she walked into the bar.
She smiled at me once and I knew she felt the connection too. It was instant.
Lyra’s life is complicated right now.
…the kid. His name is Josh…has been acting out lately.
From what I can decipher, his parents have been separated or divorced for the past year.
I try to remain calm with Josh, knowing he’s just going through a phase but it is difficult for me too.
I am the adult, and Josh needs stability in his life.
Josh hasn’t been this calm in months…he’s actually considering Heath’s offer.
There’s something about Heath. Something reliable and strong. He’s a guy you can trust.
…Heath has no idea how sexy he is right now.

3. Raging For You – Ethan
I have always considered her the perfect girl. The girl of my dreams; the girl I’d want to end up with if that’s what I wanted.
But I don’t. I’m not that guy. I’m not the kind of guy who ends up with a wife and a kid.
So I keep my distance from Grace.
…I’m not sure I’ve heard her correctly. She’s a virgin? She? Grace? This sexy piece of art?
I guess you’re probably wondering why I’m telling you this right now…
I feel like it’s time I did something about it. You know?…
I just want to get it over with. So I can move on. Get it out of my system.
Ethan, do you want to spend a night with me?

4. Scorching For You – Asher
Rick and his daughter Bridget lived in the house next to ours where I grew up.
After my dad died in a car crash, Rick took it upon himself to act as the father-figure I needed at the time.
…And the whole time; I couldn’t help but fall in love with his daughter Bridget.
Holding Bridget against me feels like a dream.
I’ve never held her before and did not expect to be holding her.
…I don’t want anything to ever hurt her again.
I am back in this town after twelve years after I thought I would never come back.
My father died without me being here and I can feel a part of my heart missing already.
To top it all off, Asher Forbes. What the hell happened to him?
I remembered him as my dorky next-door neighbor. He is not so dorky anymore;
he has turned into a complete hunk.
…I’ve been wanting him to kiss me since I first walked into that fire station earlier and saw him.

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4. Scorching For You


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