Alpha Company Renegades Series by Kali Hart (.ePUB)+

Alpha Company Renegades Series by Kali Hart (.ePUB)+

Alpha Company Renegades Series by Kali Hart (1-8 )
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Overview:Kali Hart writes short sweet and steamy romance. She loves penning yummy alpha males and confident women who don’t need a man but secretly want one.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


1. Beckett – Sara
The last place I want to be is out at a bar, stuck on a horrible double date, wearing these stupid shoes.
Not surprisingly, I almost kiss the concrete when I trip.
I’m saved by the sexiest man I’ve ever seen.
Too bad I’m here with someone else.
But when my date crosses the line, my military hero is there to save me.
Though the sparks between us are instant, I have to guard my heart.
I’m tired of feeling like I owe people for helping me.
If only we had met at another time, when my life wasn’t such a mess.
When I catch the curvy beauty in my arms, I’m instantly drawn to her.
I don’t even know her name, but I know I have to have her.
I only came out tonight to keep an eye on my guys and make sure they stay out of trouble.
But once I meet Sara, I feel the need to protect her at all costs.
Especially from her date.
She’s guarded, and I can’t blame her.
She’s been taken advantage of for far too long.
But I’ll stop at nothing until she realizes that the only thing I want from her is her heart.

2. Griffin – Griffin
My life is the Army, but I bounce at a bar on the weekend.
It’s my way of keeping an eye on my soldiers, and keeping them out of trouble when they’re off duty.
But this weekend, I’m tasked with babysitting a bachelorette party for my buddy’s fiance.
So when one of them sneaks out of the party room and nearly falls down the stairs, I don’t think. I just act.
Time stands still when I see who’s landed in my arms. I know in that moment that I’ll do whatever it takes to make her mine.
Until I see the ring.
Of all the nights for my fake engagement ring to work, it had to be this one.
The sinfully hot bouncer breaks my fall and saves me from crashing down the world’s longest staircase.
And then sees the ring.
His lust-filled eyes grow cold and distant.
And there’s no chance to explain that the silly thing is meant to ward off unwanted attention during my besties bachelorette party.
Not wanted attention.
I woefully count my losses, convinced he’ll be nothing more than a fantasy.
Until I find out he’s the best man at the wedding.

3. Jace – Zoey
I meet him at my friend’s wedding.
He arrives late, but Jace sweeps me off my feet from the very first moment.
He’s an Army guy, just like my late brother.
I tell myself to let go of my fears, to give what might very well be true love a chance.
But when he confesses that he’s leaving for a deployment overseas in two weeks, I can’t do it.
I lost my brother in combat.
I can’t risk my heart in that way again, no matter how much I want to.
If I’d met the woman of my dreams one week sooner, I never would’ve volunteered for this deployment.
Zoey lost her brother in combat, and I can’t blame her for holding back.
I’m headed on a dangerous mission, and there’s always a chance I won’t make it home.
I have less than two weeks before I head overseas.
I hope it’s enough time to convince her I’m worth the risk.

4. Dawson – Dawson
While deployed overseas, my girlfriend sent me a Dear John letter.
Now that I’m back stateside, the last thing I’m thinking about is getting tangled up with another woman.
Instead, I decide to adopt a dog.
Can’t ask for more loyalty than that.
I go to the shelter to meet my future companion, and that’s when I see her.
The most beautiful woman with the best curves.
I don’t want my heart to get stomped on again, but I can’t seem to stay away.
I have to her.
I work at the local animal shelter around my school schedule.
I’m studying to be a vet tech.
Animals are wonderful, loyal creatures.
And they don’t ever break your heart–on purpose.
I just want to focus on my future and avoid any complications. I’ve been burned before, and I don’t need that distraction.
But when Dawson shows up at the shelter to adopt a dog, my resolve weakens.
He’s hot, he’s Army, and he loves dogs.
I think I’m totally screwed.

5. Nash – Maddie
I’m about as hopeless a romantic as they come.
Hopeless being the operative word.
Until my dog runs off after a squirrel and is rescued by the hottest man in uniform I’ve ever seen.
It seems like something right out of a romantic movie.
He’s perfect, and I’m so happy…. It’s just like a dream.
Until I find out he’s my brother’s best friend.
It’s a line I promised never to cross, and for good reason.
I’ve been looking for the perfect woman to settle down with for a while now without a lot of luck.
I’m tired of the endless dating games and women who just want to hook up with an Army pilot for bragging rights.
When I meet Maddie, in the park where I catch her dog, I think fate has finally cut me a break.
Until I learn she’s my buddy’s little sister.
It doesn’t get more off limits than that.
But no matter what I do, I can’t put her out of my mind.
I have to have her—and I will figure out a way.

6. Carter – April
I’ve always wanted to be a nurse, but I faint at the sight of blood.
I’m working on it.
But after one too many hurtful jabs about my dream from my boyfriend, he quickly becomes my ex.
I need to escape for a few days, and my bestie offers me the ideal getaway—her brother’s private cabin tucked away in the mountains.
What better place to reinvent myself then in solitude of nature?
Except I quickly discover I’m not the only one the cabin was promised to.
I’m not ready to get involved with another man, but the hot Army soldier just might change my mind.
I thought I’d be introducing someone special to my family at my birthday party.
But when I find out the woman I’d been dating wasn’t who she said she was, I end things.
I don’t date liars.
My deployed buddy offers up his cabin in the mountain so I can clear my head.
Except the solitude I expected is disrupted when I discover I have a guest.
A breathtaking beauty with all the right curves and a killer smile.
I try to fight the attraction between us. I’m not ready to start something new, and I can tell she’s keeping something from me.
But some things are impossible to fight.
I just hope whatever secret she’s keeping isn’t a deal breaker.

7. Pierce – Breea
I’ve been in love with my best friend’s brother since I was eight.
But Pierce has never seen me as more than a kid.
I’ve tried to find someone else, but no one compares.
Pierce has been overseas for a year, and I’ve never missed him more than ever.
So when my bestie asks me to help plan his welcome home party, I decide I’m going for it.
I’m going to put my heart on the line and confess everything.
After a year in the desert, I’m ready to be home.
If I had it my way, I’d spend a couple weeks alone in my cabin.
But my sister would never forgive me if I skipped out on my party.
I have to admit, it’s great to see familiar faces.
Until I lay eyes on Breea.
The kid I remember is all woman now.
I know she wants me, too.
Too bad my sister would murder me in my sleep if I laid a finger on her best friend.

8. Miles – The hardest thing about coming back from a deployment is having no one there waiting to greet you.
No wife. Not even a girlfriend.
Now that I’m back stateside, I’m supposed to fly home to see my mom next week.
She’ll ask me if I’ve found anyone yet, like she always does.
I know I’ll have to tell her no.
But then I meet Kimberly at my buddy’s welcome home celebration.
I know she’s been hurt before, but I will do whatever it takes to make her realize what she means to me.
I know she’s the one I want to take home to meet my mom.

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