Alpha Boss Series by Zoe Ray (.ePUB)

Alpha Boss Series by Zoe Ray (.ePUB)

Alpha Boss Series by Zoe Ray (1-2)
Requirements: epub/azw3/mobi reader, 392 KB
Overview: Zoe Ray is a fiction writer, Born in Houston, TX. Her goal is to captivate readers with vivid page turners. She creates characters you will fall in love with and stories that you can’t get enough of.
Genre: Romance


1. Alpha Boss – Samantha Davis was only looking for a job, but she ended up finding much more. The moment she stepped into the lobby at ASC she knew she belonged there, and the moment Preston Jacobs stepped into her life she knew she’d never be the same. His massive frame towers over her. His presence is intimidating, and he is the sexiest man she’s ever seen. He exudes power, and Samantha can’t explain the raw animalistic attraction she feels. Sam is determined to push thoughts of the boss out of her mind, but the connection is too powerful.
Preston Jacobs is a hard-headed wolf shifter, and as CEO of ASC and leader of his pack, he hasn’t had time to worry about people’s feelings. Everything changed when he met Samantha. He knew she was his mate the moment he laid eyes on her in the elevator of his building. His thoughts become consumed with taking his mate and marking her, and he’s going to pull out all the stops to make her trust him and show her that she is his forever.
When members of the pack become rebellious and trouble arises Preston must face a new challenge. Can he convince Samantha to accept her fate as his mate and help him lead the pack? Or will uncertain danger cause her to run away with her tail tucked between her legs?

2. Alliance – Preston faces new challenges when The Alliance Council questions his loyalty as a Head Alpha and his ability as a leader. Now with his seat on the council and his pack on the line Preston fights to maintain order in his life and among his people. When his world begins to crumble, he has to figure out who’s an enemy and who’s an alliance. Michael has always been loyal to Blackwood Pack, but when he finds his mate and his world is turned upside down, he’s faced with impossible choices. With every alliance he has in question will Michael come out on top or will he get knocked down and lose everything he loves? Sam is busy planning a wedding and adjusting to pack life. As she strives to ensure the happiness of the people she loves, alliances begin to shatter all around her, and she’s not willing to stand back and watch. All of her efforts seem to be in vain as everyone struggles to determine who they can trust. Can Sam hold everyone together, or will she learn that everything that’s broken can’t be fixed?

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