Allure Online: Pack #2 by V.R. Harimenko (.ePUB)

Allure Online: Pack #2 by V.R. Harimenko (.ePUB)

Allure Online, pack #2: a LitRPG Harem Saga by V.R. Harimenko
Requirements: ePUB Reader | 291.5 KB
Overview: This bundle contains the second pack of three stories in the ALLURE ONLINE LitRPG harem saga.
It’s the same as buying the three individual books, but all in a single package.
Genre: Erotica | FF


THE COSMIC GODDESS –You can’t control her, but you can discover her godly marvels! She’s gorgeous, she’s stunning, she’s virtually undefeatable. And Xander will be succumbing to her sexy power! A weird, exciting encounter in the quest for leveling up in this sexy game.

THE MAGICAL LOVER — She’ll turn your reality upside down! As Xander and his girls venture into the weird, dangerous realm of Kittenland searching for a rogue prince, they will need to face his lover: Magella, the girl who masters sensual magic!

THE LUSTFUL GUARD — A gorgeous girl torn between duty and pleasure! Or, you know, just pleasure and pleasure. Because Lustianne, the horny guard, will immediately forget about her duty as soon as she sees a pair of boobs!
Xander and the women in his harem have finally captured Asthur, the rogue prince. Now they’ll have some fun with his sexy aide!

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