All in (Books #1,2) by Matt Coolomon (.ePUB)+

All in (Books #1,2) by Matt Coolomon (.ePUB)+

All in Books ( #1,2) by Matt Coolomon
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Overview: About Matt Coolomon
Couples-friendly hotwife/cuckold novels and novellas with a positively charged libertine focus on sex and eroticism. All titles are X-Rated based on graphic depictions of raunchy, gooey sex.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic Romance


Inside Madeline (All in Book 1)
Sweet, intelligent country girl Madeline is every bit as horny as she is lonely when big city reporter Blake Malone happens along. Maddy sees Blake as husband material. Blake prefers to keep it casual, but refuses to take advantage… Mutual physical attraction eventually overpowers trepidation and restraint.

Inside April (All in Book 2)
Hot unhappily married April had a baby as a teen and is now mid 30s and starting to think about what meaning there is to her life going forward. Jason Ford is a recently single man on his way back home to the small town where April lives. He had it bad for her back in school but they haven’t seen each other since…. Uh oh for April’s marriage when they bump into one another and all kinds of sparks fly.

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Inside Madeline
Inside April


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