All He Desires series by Holly Rayner (.ePUB)+

All He Desires series by Holly Rayner (.ePUB)+

All He Desires series by Holly Rayner (#1-3)
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Overview: Holly Rayner is the bestselling romance author of ‘The Billionaire’s First Christmas’, and is known for her engrossing romances with red hot, strong and assertive alpha males you’ll fall in love with and the strong and daring women who tempt them…
Genre: Romance


The Sheikh’s Must-Have Baby (#1)(April 2020): He needs a baby to inherit the fortune… She needs a baby before it’s too late…
Joanna Perkins loves her jet-setting life as a flight attendant, getting to see the world beyond the small, quiet town in Missouri she hails from.
Though she’s always thought she’d have time to settle down and start a family, she’s put on a serious timer when she contracts a rare, exotic disease with one big consequence: Joanna is told she has six months of fertility left. She’s always wanted her own family, but time is running out!

Sheikh Ahmad Al-Rahal has big ambitions, no bigger than opening his own luxury airline. When his uncle recently passed away, he quite naively assumed the inheritance money would be going to him to cover the start-up costs. But as it turns out, his eccentric uncle has willed his fortune to whichever of his nephews is the first to have a child, as a lesson in the value of family. Ahmad is suddenly plunged into a race with his brothers to see who can conceive—and inherit—first, and Ahmad doesn’t even have a girlfriend! Sneaking onto a private beach in the beautiful country of Al-Yara during a layover, Joanna bumps into a gorgeous and beguiling sheikh, who soon makes her an irresistible proposal: half a million dollars, and the baby she always wanted! This may not be the family dream that Joanna had, but can she really say no to such a handsome man and such a handsome sum of money, while getting the child she so desperately wants? And is she ready to accidentally fall in love along the way?

The Sheikh’s Stolen Bride-To-Be (#2)(Re-issue 2020): Stephanie O’Hanlon is a typical American girl, caught in a very exotic bind. Under pressure from her old-fashioned parents – not to mention, more than a little eager to escape her small-town Vermont existence – she finds herself in the Middle East, on the eve of an arranged marriage to a man she’s never met.
Walking the dusty streets of El Farah, she meets a tall, dark, and devilishly handsome stranger, Mehdi, and in a desperate moment of honesty, she tells him all: her doubts, her fears, and the husband-to-be she’s never met. Hours later, and there’s only one man she can imagine marrying the next day.
On her way to the wedding venue, Steph realizes something isn’t right. She’s been stolen away from a fate she never asked for by Mehdi, the Sheikh of the land! But is he her kidnapper or her savior?
Swept away to paradise, Steph can’t escape reality forever. At some point, she knows she must face her parents’ wrath. And the groom she jilted…
Can this love transcend tradition? Will Steph ever find her way back to the man who broke all the rules to save the girl he met weeping at the fountain?

This is a re-release of a book first released in 2017. It features an added epilogue, previously exclusive to subscribers to my newsletter. It is the second book in the All He Desires series.

Wifed By The Sheikh (#3)(Reissue 2020): Chosen by the Sheikh, and given two options: marriage, or jail. What would you choose?
After posing as a crew member on a cruise ship and illegally entering the Middle-Eastern nation of Murindhi, serial-splitter Zelda Barnes-Scott is caught, and threatened with jail. Luckily for her, she’s offered a lifeline by a passenger on the ship: none other than Sheikh Zayed El-Sharabi, a royally handsome prince. His offer is simple; agree to marry him, and he’ll see to it that her charges are dropped.

Seeing little other choice, Zelda goes along with his plan, and surprisingly finds herself enjoying the life of a royal, as well as the attentions of her so-called fiancé. Far from being a blackmailed bride, Zelda soon finds her Sheikh husband-to-be irresistible, and learns he harbors a few secrets of his own…
Caught up in a lie, and forced into an even bigger lie, Zelda knows that in order to get what she wants, everything must be on her terms alone. Can this fake fiancée find a true and honest love?

This is a second edition re-release of a book first released in 2016. It features an extended epilogue, previously exclusive to subscribers to my newsletter. It is the third book in the All He Desires series.

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