Alien Harem Erotic Sci-Fi Series (Books 1-5) by Jax Offerman (.ePUB)

Alien Harem Erotic Sci-Fi Series (Books 1-5) by Jax Offerman (.ePUB)

Alien Harem Erotic Sci-Fi Series (Books 1-5) by Jax Offerman
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Overview: You know you want her, but you just can’t have her. Whether she’s so far out of your league she may as well be in orbit, or she’s the innocent type who’d never go along with that dark fantasy brewing in your head. Jen Eastwood writes stories about turning that girl into the kind of bimbo who will do exactly what you want, and then come back for more.
Genre: Fiction » Erotic


Alien Harem 1
Sexy aliens, an unusual mission, and one man caught in the middle.
Dave always chose his writing career over having a life, and now his lack of real-world experience is holding back his writing. He’s never been in love, much less even kissed a woman. But when his agent recommends taking some time off to “live a little”, Dave is skeptical.
Then he meets his new neighbors.
There’s something a little off about the group of beautiful women suddenly living across the street from him. They wear extremely skimpy outfits, don’t understand how to work basic appliances, and have never seen a man before. But they’re hotter than any women Dave has ever seen, and they all want to be with him.

Alien Harem 2
Sexy aliens, crazy abilities, an unexpected enemy, and one man caught in the middle.
Dave has bonded with his beautiful alien neighbors in every sense of the word, and now he’s agreed to help them with their mission—as soon as he gets them some more appropriate outfits.
But what seemed to Dave like an easy mission becomes much more complicated when a dangerous enemy arrives. If he can’t find strength in the bonds he’s made, he might lose them altogether.
This is book two of my Alien Harem series. I strongly recommend reading these books in order as there is a significant amount of story to them. This book contains violence and graphic sexual content between a man and up to five women at once.

Alien Harem 3
Sexy aliens, a government conspiracy, unbelievable powers, and one man who’s very far from home.
Soundly defeated by an enemy they never saw coming, Dave and Terra are now drifting through space on a foreign ship. The gorgeous aliens from Telios are more than friendly to Dave, despite never having met a male before. But Terra is convinced that they are not to be trusted.
Dave sees the necessity of making the Telios aliens his allies, but they want to be more than just allies. With enemies approaching and no time to waste, Dave is going to have to make some new bonds if he wants to rescue the women who were taken from him.
This is book three of my Alien Harem series. I strongly recommend reading the series in order, as there is an overarching storyline. This book contains graphic sexual content in the form of MF and FF scenes

Alien Harem 4
Sexy alien babes, powerful abilities, a dangerous mission, and a man who’s in over his head.
Dave and his harem are back on Earth, but there’s little time to celebrate. Area 51 is hunting them with an army of drones, and their only means of defense is a pickup truck and a damaged robot.
But their luck takes a turn when a sexy assassin falls into Dave’s lap.
Shadow is a capable killer, and as beautiful as she is dangerous. While her true motives are unclear, Dave needs every ally he can get. And if what Shadow says is true, the violence is only just beginning.
This is book four of my Alien Harem series. I strongly recommend reading these books in order, as there is an overarching story.

Alien Harem 5
A corrupt government facility, an evil general, beautiful alien women, and one man who will stop at nothing to get them back.
Peace is no longer an option for Dave and his sexy alien crew. They’ve finally arrived at Area 51, where their companions are being held captive. But their descent into the underground facility proves to be their toughest challenge yet. With terrors beyond imagination and a twisted general whose powers make him nearly a god, Dave and his crew stand little chance against the forces of Area 51.

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