Alastair Stone Chronicles by R.L. King (.ePUB)

Alastair Stone Chronicles by R.L. King (.ePUB)

Alastair Stone Chronicles by R.L. King (#3-8,13-14,16-18,20-22)
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Overview: R. L. King is the author of the Amazon-bestselling urban fantasy series The Alastair Stone Chronicles. When not doing her best to make life difficult for her characters, she works as a software technical writer for a large Silicon Valley database company. When not writing or working, she enjoys hanging out with her very understanding spouse and her small herd of cats, and watching way too much Doctor Who.
Genre: Urban Fantasy


Threshold (#3)
The Evil was only the beginning…

It’s been less than a month since Jason Thayer, his sister Verity, and mage Alastair Stone discovered a monstrous conspiracy to take over our world one mind at a time. The battle in San Francisco struck a major blow—but it didn’t eliminate the threat. Not even close.

Where do the Evil come from? How did they get here? As Jason, Verity, and Stone delve deeper into these questions, they make a shocking discovery about the nature of the Evil—and what happened that brought them into our dimension.

What they find sends them on a desperate cross-country race from the wilds of West Virginia to the dark neon wonderland of Las Vegas as they attempt to stop the Evil at its source before it’s too late.

From a new colony of Forgotten to a powerful and mysterious gray mage with unclear motives, they will find help in their efforts—but will it be enough?

The Source (#4)
The portals are closed. The Evil have lost their pathway between their home and ours. No longer does humanity need to worry about extradimensional bodysnatchers with a thirst for pain and terror pouring through to wreak destruction on Earth. So that means Stone, Jason, and Verity can rest for a while, right? Yeah, maybe not.

The problem is, while there might not be any new Evil coming through, a whole lot of very powerful, very angry Evil are still stuck on our side. Desperate now, they’re forced to put aside their differences and work together to come up with an ambitious plan to get their pipeline of soldiers up and running. And now they’ve got a dangerous ally on their side: a black mage with a longstanding hatred of Stone.

Will Stone and his friends figure out what the Evil are up to before they can set into motion something that can’t be stopped–and that will end up killing thousands of people in the process?

Core of Stone (#5)
Alastair Stone knew it would take a big sacrifice to end the Evil’s hold over our world. He was ready to make that sacrifice—but he expected it to be his life. Never in his worst nightmares did he think it would be his magic.

Despairing and grief-stricken at the loss of the abilities that defined his existence, he’s on the fast track to self-destruction when a dear friend convinces him to take a desperate last chance. He heads to Las Vegas to find the only man who might be able to help him, but instead finds some old allies in dire need of his own help with a deadly—and very magical—threat.

Stone’s answer to nearly every problem has always been magic—but that’s off the table now. All he’s got are his wits and his courage to keep himself and his friends alive. Can he put aside his pride and bitterness long enough to prove there’s more to him than magic?

Blood and Stone (#6)
When his friend Jason Thayer disappears after heading to his home town to attend a wedding, the only clue Alastair Stone has to his whereabouts is a cryptic phone message about “something weird” Jason saw shortly before he vanished.

Stone travels to the picturesque tourist town where Jason was last seen and is soon caught up in a horrific web of murder, malevolent magic, and a mysterious and ancient force that’s resurfaced even more powerful than ever after a long dormancy.

What is it, how is it connected to the town and its residents, and why has it returned now? What does it want with Jason? Alone and without his usual resources, Stone must find a way to track down and defeat the malignant entity before it cuts a swath of death across the town–and before it uses its insidious powers to destroy Stone’s reputation, his livelihood, and his life.

Heart of Stone (#7)
With Jason and Verity in southern California, Alastair Stone quickly discovers he misses his best friends and favorite confidants far more than he expected to. It isn’t long, though, before he’s got some new matters to occupy his mind: a student who may have fallen under the influence of a magical cult leader, and a budding relationship with a sexy, intelligent, and stunningly beautiful woman who’s everything he never dared to dream of.

As his connection with his new lover grows ever deeper, Stone is drawn into a dangerous web of dark magic, an ancient, malevolent grimoire, and plans within plans that could lead not only to his own destruction, but those of his beloved and his student as well. Pursued by a terrifying duo who are immune to magic, Stone must unravel the purpose of the grimoire and defeat a powerful enemy before it’s too late. But what will he do if he’s forced to choose between his own student and the woman he loves?

Flesh and Stone (#8)
When mage Alastair Stone’s fiancée dumps him for loving magic too much and her not enough, he never sees it coming. Craving a change, Stone picks a big one: moving halfway around the world to teach Occult Studies at Stanford. He expects to pick up where he left off, resuming a quiet life of study and putting the past behind him.

But when a gang of cannibalistic serial killers targets the area, he’s certain their origin is supernatural. Drawn into the case after stopping a murder, he soon encounters a bizarre secret society that has its own reasons for wanting the murderers dealt with. But is the solution as bad as the problem? With the killers hot on his trail, Stone must work with his odd allies to track them down before they strike again, and before he—or someone he loves—becomes their next victim.

Game of Stone (#13)
Play a Deadly Game. Alastair Stone needs a break.

He’d gladly trade a big chunk of his newly-acquired fortune for a few uninterrupted weeks of rest, but that’s not going to happen. On top of dealing with his new magical status and a relationship heading in unexpected directions, he soon learns the bombshell revelations about his family aren’t even close to over yet.

As if all that weren’t enough, an ancient and malevolent set of magical game pieces has resurfaced, leaving a trail of murder and mayhem in its wake. Stone must join with some unlikely allies, including a mundane cop and an all-female vigilante gang, in a desperate race to gain the upper hand before thousands of people are dead. In this game, losing is not an option.

Steel and Stone (#14)
Point of No Return. Alastair Stone, determined to harness enigmatic mage Trevor Harrison’s potent power source, takes a desperate chance—he travels to the dimension where it originates, hoping to convince Harrison to teach him its secrets. He should have expected things wouldn’t go as planned.

Stranded without his power in an exotic, unfamiliar world rich in magic and ruled by tyrannical practitioners, Stone knows his only chance of getting his magic back is to find Harrison–a man who has good reasons for not wanting to be found. But first, he has to stay alive long enough to do it.

The Seventh Stone (#16)
A father’s sins. A son’s wrath. An enemy’s revenge.

When a shadowy, sinister organization begins killing apprentices, Alastair Stone is determined to track down the people pulling its strings. But Stone’s life quickly spirals into chaos when a young man contacts him—claiming to be his son.

As he pursues the trail of the murderers and struggles to deal with this new upheaval in his life, Stone has no idea of the dark, carefully-laid plan unfolding behind the scenes. An old nemesis is back, more powerful than ever and determined to finish what she started many years ago. And this time, she’s set her sights on not one Stone, but two.

Gathering Storm (#17)
Immovable Object – Meet Irresistible Force.

When Alastair Stone investigates a tale of odd events at an abandoned Midwestern paper mill, he figures it’s just another hoax. After all, he’s seen hundreds of them in his career.

He soon discovers this one isn’t a hoax, though—and neither is the backwoods hunter who’s suddenly developed healing abilities in Pennsylvania. The only thing the two have in common are the strange, possibly extradimensional rifts spontaneously appearing nearby.

As Stone digs deeper, he finds forces aligned against him—including some of his most trusted and powerful friends. Why are they warning him away from the rifts? And more importantly, why do they refuse to give him a reason?

But when Verity disappears during their investigation, Stone knows he has to get to the bottom of this supernatural mystery—no matter how many enemies he has to make in the process. And when he finally does learn the truth, it comes with the horrifying revelation that he might already have made a terrible mistake.

House of Stone (#18)
The Past Lies Buried…

Alastair Stone isn’t proud of the dark deeds of his family’s past, but he thought they were just that—past.

But when a routine renovation of his ancestral home releases a horde of angry spirits bent on vengeance against anyone of his blood, he soon learns that his family’s horrific acts were even worse than he ever could have imagined.

Driven from his home, Stone must rally his most trusted friends and allies to discover the truth and find a way to exorcise the relentless spirits.

But the spirits aren’t the only threats unearthed. A powerful enemy from the past—one with forbidden and unspeakable powers—also has a vendetta against the Stone family. And that doesn’t even count the mysterious fiend in the sealed room… Stone has bested many monstrous enemies in his magical career—but is he strong enough to fight his own past?

The Madness Below (#20)
It waits… Alastair Stone needs a vacation.

He’s literally stepping through the portal to his home in England when an old friend calls with a horrific tale of a grisly multiple murder committed by teenagers just back from a school camping trip. It doesn’t take long to convince Stone the supernatural is involved.

Goodbye peaceful vacation, hello magical investigation.

When he teams up with a local cop who’s in the know about magic, he soon discovers the problem is a lot worse than he thought. Even more troubling, they’re not the only ones tracking its source. An organization Stone thought long dead has risen again and is determined to find it first.

With the cop’s young son in danger—not to mention countless other people—Stone has no choice but to join forces with his old enemies to prevent an ancient horror from being reborn.

Death’s Door (#21)
A Friend Lost. A Horror Unearthed. An Enemy Reborn.

It was meant to be a simple few days away: Verity heading off for a much-needed girls’ weekend in New York City. But then comes her desperate call to Alastair Stone: A terrifying disaster has occurred, killing dozens of people—including a dear friend.

When Stone joins her to investigate, they quickly discover that magic is behind the catastrophe. Even worse, it’s magic that isn’t even supposed to exist. As a long-simmering disagreement explodes into a rift between Stone and a grief-stricken Verity, Stone learns that things are even worse than he feared.

Someone has unearthed a long-dead mage’s legacy, threatening to unleash nightmarish ancient magic that no one—living or dead—is safe from.

Blood Brothers (#22)
Alastair Stone figures using tracking magic to help Jason Thayer and his new wife Amber find a missing child will be a good diversion. At least it will take his mind off a summer that, without Verity around, is shaping up to be a lot less eventful than he’d hoped.

But when the boy’s kidnapper turns out to be a mage—one who’s using the public portal network to steal children for some mysterious purpose of his own—Stone, Jason, and Amber are thrown into a terrifying web of mystery, mad science, and deadly peril.

If Stone can’t figure out who the kidnapper is and why he’s obsessed with these children, it won’t only be the kids who are in danger. As the shocking facts come to light and the madman sets his sights on his pursuers, Stone and his friends might not survive long enough to learn the sinister truth.

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Blood Brothers (#22)



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