Addicted to Womanhood by Zoe Brown (.ePUB)

Addicted to Womanhood by Zoe Brown (.ePUB)

Addicted to Womanhood: Book One: A Recreational Gender-Bending Novel by Zoe Brown
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Overview: When life as a Sexy, Rich, 50-year-old Playboy runs out of thrills, what’s a Man to do?

Well, why not try out life as a Sexy, Rich, 22-year-young Woman for a while?

Be careful, though. Some pleasures, once sampled, become habit forming…

Based on the short-story of the same name and by the same Author, at over 115,000 words, ADDICTED TO WOMANHOOD: Book One is Gender-Bending Author ZOE BROWN’s first full-length novel featuring Gender Transformation, Sensual Romance, and the illicit Gender-Bending pills known as ‘Werewoman!’ It was inspired by reader feedback, and the author hopes that both new readers and long-time fans will enjoy the expanded story that their feedback and reviews and enthusiasm encouraged her to write.


Six months ago, ASHTON RHODES was a handsome, rich, and successful multi-millionaire who dominated the business world and relished in the luxurious, thrill-seeking life of a hedonistic playboy on the weekends. But when the onset of middle-age and a mid-life crisis left his regular pursuits feeling empty and hollow, lacking the thrill that he once found in them, an encounter with a pair of beautiful young women who led very sexy, secretive gender-bending double lives planted in his mind the tantalizing possibility that there might be more thrills to be had on the other side of the gender divide. Gradually, that possibility blossomed into a series of seductive fantasies that started to overwhelm him, until he could no longer resist the siren call of ‘Werewoman,’ the illicit gender-switching pill that could transform any man into a beautiful, sensual young woman for up to eight hours per dose.

In Book One of ADDICTED TO WOMANHOOD, follow along as ASHTON RHODES is first introduced to the idea of gender-bending. Share with him his first sensual experiences with the beautiful, dark-haired bartender and former street-racing tough guy, Jade, and the firey-haired, dating-app ‘hook-up girl’ Brianna, a pair of part-time, gender-bending ‘Werewomen’ who introduce Ashton to the possibility of becoming a woman for the first time, and the deliciously taboo thrills and delights that could await him – or her – on the woman’s side of the aisle. Watch Ashton struggle against his growing obsession with the illicit gender-bending drug, and his burgeoning desire to give into his new fantasies and try out some of those taboo pills for himself. Slip into the exclusive executive elevator with him on the day that he at last surrenders to his new desires and allows himself to be transformed into the new, hot, female alter-ego that he’s created for himself: ASHLEY RHODES, a beautiful, seductive young woman in her early twenties, with richly dark, flowing mahogany hair, and the hourglass curves of a glamour model. And then finally, join Ashley on the first of the many hot, steamy intimate encounters that await her on her first, weekend foray into the wonderful world of womanhood…
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


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