Accidental Connection Series by Haven Rose (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Accidental Connection Series by Haven Rose (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Accidental Connection Series by Haven Rose (#1-3)
Requirements: epub reader, 2598 kb 611 kb
Overview: I am a newer author, closing in on two years and am so blessed to be living my dream.
Genre: Romance


1. The Hopeful Heart – Sometimes a wrong number can change your life…
Aurora Purdue is shocked by the sexy voice on the other end. Though she quickly realizes she didn’t call the person she’d intended, she definitely doesn’t regret the misdial.
It can also save it…
Dane Hawkins has experienced many things as a cop, but nothing could prepare him for the fear after discovering his woman has been taken. Sure, they’d only talked for five minutes, but that doesn’t make her any less his.

2. The Enduring Heart – Years before, a knock at the door changed his life.
At eighteen, following the loss of his dad and mom, Brant took on the role of both for his little sister. He sacrificed to ensure she had everything she needed, but with her recently finding her forever, it might be time to embrace his own happiness. As if fate agrees, he’s given a chance to experience it.
Now a phone call does the same.
Macie is used to being alone, not that she doesn’t wish that wasn’t the case. When her past resurfaces, bringing trouble in its wake, she sets about doing what she always has, adjust and move forward. Then she misdials, and instead of contacting a carpenter, she finds a man worthy of her heart.

3. The Patient Heart – Daphne Reynolds has helped save many lives during her career as a nurse, unfortunately, she can’t do the same for her car. When a patient offers the services of her grandson, a driver for hire, she accepts, unaware it will lead her to her future.
Tristan Miles doesn’t know how the woman with the soothing voice got his number, though it shouldn’t be hard for the detective to figure out. Deciding to play chauffeur, he finds himself no longer caring how once he sees her.
A mistaken digit may have brought them together, but love will keep them that way. However, someone from Tristan’s past is bent on revenge, and taking the woman he’s claimed will give it to him.

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3. The Patient Heart


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