About Love and Wolves: Locksley by Anne Cross (.ePUB)

About Love and Wolves: Locksley by Anne Cross (.ePUB)

Locksley by Anne Cross (About Love and Wolves 1)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 388 kb
Overview: ❝She was Beauty and Love”

And he? He didn’t know who he was anymore…❞

For years, the young Robert of Locksley believed his future was certain. He will be a land’s heir and king’s knight. But when he got lost in the forest with Marion Fitzbur, future countess, engaged to a powerful noble, everything suddenly changed. A kiss and a wolves’ attack awakened love between them; a love that will change their lives forever.

Confused and hurt by this impossible passion, Robert flew away from his land, pretending to find his own path in life and forget Marion. In that journey, he will join Jack, an orphan, and together they will face an unknown road in search of adventure.

However, love isn’t so easily forgotten.

Robert and Marion weren’t so far away as they tought, and at Nottingham’s archery tournament, the two meet again.

For a hero, things are never easy. To complicate Robert’s life, a stunning girl rose in his way. Elizabeth, beautiful and intelligent, she has survived for years alone as a wealthy merchant, disguising her loneliness by working and controlling the men who fight for her love. Then, the time comes when she yearns to be loved again.

Would be Robert and Marion’s love truly real? And could he find a way by himself far from his family’s protection?
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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