A Tale of Two Maids by Tom Tame (.PDF)

A Tale of Two Maids by Tom Tame (.PDF)

A Tale of Two Maids by Tom Tame
Requirements: .PDF reader, 615 KB
Overview: Mark and Sophia find themselves in a pickle. Too many bills and not enough time (or money) to pay them all, but far away there is a secluded resort for the wealthy elite that pays top dollar for very sexy maids (who often provide quite a bit more than just a clean room). Sophia will fit right in, of course, being the sexually adventurous bombshell that she is. Mark, on the other hand, will have a LOT of adjusting to do, but that’s okay, there’s a whole staff waiting to primp, polish and mold him into the tiny maid’s uniform. Life for our slightly repressed hero (heroine?) will never be the same.

This story contains sexy French maids, feminization, mind control and overt sexual themes.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


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