A Search For Marriage series by Jasmine Carter (.ePUB)

A Search For Marriage series by Jasmine Carter (.ePUB)

A Search For Marriage series (#1-5) by Jasmine Carter
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 5.3 MB
Overview: Jasmine Carter has been writing since she was a child. However UNEXPECTED is her first novel. She is currently working on the sequel to UNEXPECTED.
Genre: Fiction > Romance BWWM


Sebastian Dalkeith (#1)
Rachel has suffered rejection for most her life and longs for change and freedom.
So she uproots her life and moves to Georgia to start a writing career!
Billionaire Sebastian is used to getting what he wants, and when he comes across the intriguing Rachel working at a coffee shop, he can’t get her out of his mind.
Bound up by the will to make her his, he pursues her, and Rachel can’t resist his charm!
But there is more to Sebastian than he’s letting on.
And when Rachel discovers who he really is Sebastian is faced with the unthinkable: losing her.
Will their love have the power to overcome every adversity that lies in their path?

Xavier Dalkeith (#2)
One night of wild partying in Vegas turns into one big mistake for Tamara…
She’s now married to the man she just met, billionaire Xavier Dalkeith!
Both she and Xavier go their separate ways, until ten years later when they want a divorce…
But when they finally meet again after all those years they can’t deny the attraction pulling them back together!
Yet Tamara still has one big secret that she never told Xavier until now… he’s the father of her child!
Can Xavier get over the fact that Tamara has lied to him all these years about his son?
Or will their blossoming relationship fall apart?

Colten Dalkeith (#3)
When her mother racks up $50K in gambling debt, Aurora will go to great means to make sure her family stays safe.
Which includes selling her body to repay the debt!
Billionaire Colten is on a mission to prove to everyone that he’s a serious businessman.
So when Aurora comes to him for help, he comes up with a proposition: marry him and he will repay all her debts, which would fool everyone into believing he’s actually capable of settling down!
Now with each passing day, Aurora finds herself falling harder for the drop-dead handsome billionaire.
But Colten is a playboy at heart, and that doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon!
Is she only wasting her time trying to win over Colten’s heart?
Or will their marriage be nothing more than just a sham?

Langston Abernethy (#4)
It definitely wasn’t love at first sight for Natalia Kent and billionaire Langston Abernethy.
After she rescues Langston’s mother from a car hijacking, he is convinced Natalia was in it for the money!
But when they meet again, Langston can’t deny his attraction to the plus-size beauty!
Natalia feels that Langston could never like a big girl like her, and Langston tries to deny his attraction because Natalia does not fit his typical type of woman…
But they can’t deny it for long!
As things get heated, Natalia might think it’s truly turning into love…
But rumors spread that Langston likes to get around!
Is he being faithful to her?
Or is she just one of many?

Theo Abernethy (#5)
A year ago, Salome and Theo had a whirlwind relationship that ended bitterly…
She gave him everything, but in return he was completely dishonest!
But perhaps by divine intervention they meet again at an award banquet for Salome’s work.
And Theo is determined to make things right this time around!
Salome can’t deny she still has feelings for him too…
But he’s not the only billionaire who’s after her!
And now she is left with a huge decision…
Does she follow her heart to be with Theo?
Or will she allow her fear to choose the other man’s marriage proposal?

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