A Foolish Plan by Casper Graham (.ePUB)

A Foolish Plan by Casper Graham (.ePUB)

A Foolish Plan by Casper Graham (What a Mess! #1)
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Overview: Jared Masters and Stephen Howard have been best friends for more than thirty years. When Stephen discovers his feelings toward Jared has turned into something more, he agrees to his other best friend, Dexter’s plan to see if Jared feels the same way he does by going out on dates with other people. When Jared knows about Stephen’s dates, he assumes his fury stems from the possibility of him losing his best friend. Stephen is a great guy. Jared believes Stephen deserves someone just as amazing, so he embarks on a half-baked plan to act as Stephen’s matchmaker. He will get Stephen someone wonderful even if the thought of it is pissing him off, but he first needs to know what Stephen looks for in a potential life partner. To do that, he brings Stephen out on dates. Stephen misunderstands Jared’s intention, assuming they’re dating for real. Will Jared and Stephen eventually work things out and get their happily ever after?
Genre: Erotic Romance, MM


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