A Cox Fairytale series by James Cox (.ePUB)

A Cox Fairytale series by James Cox (.ePUB)

A Cox Fairytale series by James Cox (Books #1,3-4)
Requirements: ePUB reader, size 1.05MB
Overview: James is rather hard to define. He’s obviously into men, but also finds women alluring. To him reading gay fiction is so stimulating he’s taken up a pen (keyboard) and started writing. The stories in his head are edgy, hot enough to embarrass him at work and meant to entertain. James’ day job is pathetic but a means to get the green. He lusts after his straight boss and always longed to paint nude men.
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance, MM


1. The Forest of Dark Delights: After the beast became human, Belle turned into the animal. We all know the story. The dangerous and ugly Beast finds his true love in Belle, and after a horrific fight with Gaston, the beast is finally transformed back into a man. But what happens after that? It’s almost two years later, and Belle is no longer the sweet woman the Beast fell in love with. She sweeps into towns with her ruthless army to pillage every book she can find and add it to her library. Beast is lonely, saddened by the lover he can’t understand, but then an old enemy returns to the castle. Gaston is not the man he used to be. He made a promise to himself when he survived that fall, broken but alive. He’d make his amends to the beast, someway, somehow. When at last Gaston and Beast start a forbidden romance, the evil that is Belle returns to the castle…

3. Don’t Bring a Cannibal to Dinner: What are you willing to sacrifice for true love? Harris and Grant were both raised in an orphanage. They’ve known beatings, starvation—and falling in love. When the dangers become too great, they run away into the dark woods, and they come across a cottage made completely of sweet treats. What could one taste hurt? Well, it stirs the handsome witch that lives inside. Fearing his wrath, they run straight into the brutal orphanage owner they were fleeing from before. Their unlikely hero is none other than the witch, but does the handsome magician want to save them or devour them? As it turns out, a bit of both. But when the cottage the witch is bound to is set on fire, Harris and Grant face a terrible decision. For the only way the witch can be free is by eating one of their hearts…

4. Kingdom Cum: “Fifty gold coins to the man or woman who tries to break the king’s curse. Whoever should return His Majesty’s penis to normal will be named king or queen of the kingdom. Sign up at the castle, servants’ entrance.” King Midae was beaten, robbed, and raped by the man he thought he loved. Heartbroken, he makes a pact with a witch for revenge, but it comes with a price. Midae is cursed with a golden penis—he can never feel pleasure again. Now, years later, men and women from all over the kingdom use his body in an attempt to cure him. Only true love can conquer all, but can even love survive if the curse breaker is related to the witch who cursed him?

Download Instructions:
All: https://www19.zippyshare.com/v/gZRpLq2o/file.html
4: https://www19.zippyshare.com/v/5XavrMYy/file.html

All: https://userscloud.com/c9mwhx50ulqi
4: https://userscloud.com/v155a7vc2nwh


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