9 Books by S. L. Finlay (.ePUB)

9 Books by S. L. Finlay (.ePUB)

9 Books by S. L. Finlay
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Overview: S. L. Finlay is an Australian author who uses her erotic fiction and romance stories to force questions about human sexuality, to celebrate love, sex and life.
Genre: Erotic Romance


Cowboy’s Baby – To fall in love, they have to learn to trust one another. To build trust, they have to first share their secrets and their secret desires.
Lindsay is an Australian tourist who picked up some work on his ranch in the Deep South of the USA. Billy is the cowboy everyone was surprised to see was still single. Attractive and charismatic, no-one knows what sort of heart beats underneath his macho exterior.
Lindsay has a secret she can’t tell him, a secret she is keeping to protect his friends. But Billy has his own secret, a fetish he was never sure he would be able to share with anyone.
Will Lindsay be able to trust Billy with her secret? Will Billy be able to confess his love for babygirls and his role as a Daddy Dom? Will they be able to shed their secrets and discover the intimacy you can only feel when you are naked down to the soul?

Galway Baby Girl – She’s a cute college co-ed whose family have plans for her future legal career when she lands an opportunity to study abroad in Galway, Ireland. He’s the hot Irish professor. A successful bestselling author who has taken to teaching young hopefuls how to turn their pen and create masterpieces as wordsmiths.
Falling in lust and love is easy, but will she be able to keep her family happy as she pursues her writing passions and her love for a new country, culture and man rather than the legal career she was supposed to come here to pursue? Will he be able to commit to his hot young baby girl? To take her under his wing as her daddy dom and mentor?

The Parisian Billionaire Sugar Daddy Agency – When intrepid small town America Lindsay hops off her plane in Paris – the city she has decided she will live in to get away from her boring former life – high rental prices and few opportunities for employment mean that when Lindsay is led into the offices of a sugar daddy agency, she sees dollar signs and an easy life in the worlds cultural capital.
But when she meets her daddy, things change as she quickly finds herself falling for this sexy, exotic older man. A night exploring Paris’s underground bar scene leaves Lindsay drunk and vulnerable. Her daddy though takes care of her and they grow closer.
How could this possibly work though? Lindsay wonders as she looks over the sexy body of this man who has everything in the world but the one thing he desires: a girl to look after. Could she be that girl for him? Does she even want to when she’s so far from home in a crazy city like Paris?
It’s a choice Lindsay has to make: Does she stay or does she go? Adventure and the man she loves or the family responsibilities back home in familiar, comfortable America?

Bought by a Billionaire Daddy – With everything to gain, Lucy seeks out the underground world of BDSM slave auctions. Without a moments hesitation, Lucy puts herself up for sale. Consenting to being someone’s slave is the hottest thing she can imagine. Hot nights as someones pleasure slave, not having any adult responsibilities beyond pleasing someone and making them happy, what could be sweeter?
Lucy is sold to a passionate and sexy man for a cool million dollars. Zac is a billionaire and after she signs his slave contract where she agrees, among other things, to call him ‘Daddy’, he shows her a world she could never have dreamed of. But, for Lucy, it comes at a price. She signed a contract giving herself to him, as well as everything she owned. Not that he needs her possessions with his billions, but this man does hold all the chips.
When Lucy realizes that she is in love with this man who keeps heras a highly valued baby girl slave, she begs her Daddy to burn the contract and take her as his equal partner, but he won’t budge. In desperation, Lucy runs away and he quickly finds her.
What will happen next? Will they find a way to make it work because he loves her just as much as she loves him? Or, will they burn the contract they signed and go their separate ways despite their sizzling connection?

Daddy’s Baby – Lucy
I adored this man, and he put a ring on it! I couldn’t believe my luck. My man meant so much to me and we were building a life together. We would have a baby and life would be perfect. Forever. Then I saw some things that he couldn’t take back. What he did wasn’t forgivable. What he did meant everything changed. I left before he returned home and no-one knew where I went to.
I loved that woman more than anything in my life. She was mine and I was hers. When I heard she left, it tore me apart. I couldn’t take it. When I thought it was over and there was no going back, I saw her. Our baby was not a baby, but a child. I knew then that I had to have her back.

Frankie’s Irish Eyes – Frankie Williams sees herself as a normal twenty-two year old Australian girl. She just finished her university studies and took off to Ireland for what promised to be the adventure of a lifetime. Her adventure is cut short when she is called home after her mothers sudden death.
Jon, Frankie’s beloved friend and drop dead gorgeous boss comes to her aid, looking after Frankie at a time when the normally badass girl needs it the most. While Frankie is learning to navigate the world on her own for the first time, Jon is right there by her side.
When Frankie finds out she is pregnant though, by her sexy Irishman, she is thrust into a world of magical intrigue which she and her sisters are central characters in.
Will Frankie and those closest to her be able to deal with another huge shake-up in their lives? What about the child, will the child be magical too?

Daddy, Boyfriend & Me – Is there anything sweeter than the love and adoration of two men?
Craving excitement in her life, Mel shares a fantasy with her boyfriend which will change the course of her life and her relationship forever.
Mel: I had fantasized about having two men for a long time, but was sure it would never happen. Who wants to share their girlfriend with another man? As if that’ll ever happen!
Joel: Mel and I had been seeing one another for some time. Things were amazing between us! We had great sex, she was sweet as pie. When she told me she wanted two men though, I didn’t know what to feel. But I thought it couldn’t hurt, right?
William: I had been Mel’s family friend for years. She was the sweet daughter of a colleague who I desperately wanted to play daddy for. Seems I am about to get my chance.
Will Mel be able to forgo the house with a white picket fence, and the security of traditional relationships to experience her hearts desire? Will Joel and William be able to keep their jealousy in check and be happy for each other, and for Mel? Will Mel get to have her cake and eat it too?

Her Wild Gypsy – Her palm read, her fortunes told.
She is about to find the love of her life, or is she?
Mary Williams goes to Ireland for the career opportunity of a lifetime. After working in Dublin for a few years, she will have her choice of jobs upon her return to the States.
For a bit of fun, Mary seeks out a fortune teller upon arrival in Ireland – complete with gypsy caravan – and what the fortune teller sees in her crystal ball changes the course of Mary’s life forever. There is a man A gorgeous bad boy will soon steal Mary’s heart and drive her crazy!
But when she meets mysterious John, she finds out he is more than she bargained for. There is something about his bad-boy appeal and that gorgeous accent that leave her wanting more.
But is he just a gorgeous bad boy foretold by a fortune teller, or is this all some elaborate scam by the gypsies to steal her heart, and maybe a bit more in the process? Can she trust her fortunes? Can she trust John?

His Little Earthling – He’s an alien. She’s a paranormal researcher. It couldn’t be any more perfect that it’s her he has to abduct.
When Jenny is taken from her bed in the middle of the night by little gray men – from a UFO conference of all places – she finds herself delivered into the arms of an unlikely suitor.
He is tall, broad, deadly sexy and purple.
Dr. Jora – or Jack, as he goes by – is as curious about Jenny as she is him, and an unlikely coupling begins to take shape.
But what happens when they return to Jack’s home planet and Jenny is forced to question everything she thought she knew about humanity and herself? Will Jack step up and be the strong man she needs, or will he slink away in search of greener pastures?

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