9 Books by Penelope Bloom (.ePUB)

9 Books by Penelope Bloom (.ePUB)

9 Books by Penelope Bloom
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Overview:I love to write steamy, dark bad boy romance novels full of possessive men and the feisty women who try and fail to resist them. Feint of heart, beware.
Genre: Erotic Romance


Protector – The SEALs left me ruthless and hard … in more ways than one.
If you’re looking for a bodyguard, I’m the best there is. And no, I don’t sleep with clients—at least not while I’m on the clock. Only one girl ever got more than a night out of me. Only one girl ever mattered. Makayl Pierson. And I let her get away. So when I’m offered a job as her bodyguard, how can I refuse? I can’t stop thinking about having her again, taking her like I used to, and wondering if she still twirls her hair when she’s embarrassed…or if she still scrunches her nose when she wants me. This job requires 24/7 surveillance, but I’m a professional. I can keep my head. Even if I have to stand outside the door while she showers. Even if I want nothing more than to take a fistful of her hair and… F**k. She’d be safer if I walked away. But I let her go once before and I’m never making that mistake again.

The Dom’s Virgin – Ever heard of a virgin romance author?
Now you have. Spoiler alert: it’s as sad as it sounds. My roommate thinks I should do some research to help my writer’s block. When a billionaire publishing executive rejects my book, she has the perfect idea. The perfectly terrible idea of tricking him into bidding on me through a BDSM site. I know how it sounds. Crazy. Stupid. Irresponsible. Check, check, check. I couldn’t agree more. Yes, he’s practically dripping with sex appeal. Yes, any woman with a pulse would kill for a “hello” from him. And yes, he looks like he belongs on a movie screen. But as far as I’m concerned, he’s just the jerk who rejected my book, and all I care about is getting a chance to tell him off in person. That’s it. Mostly. Then again, maybe my roommate has a point. A night with him would probably give me enough material to fill half a book. He wants more than a night, though. He wants a month. And he wants me to sign a contract saying I’m completely and totally his. I can sign the contract and basically become the heroine from one of my books, or I can say no and keep on living my normal, boring life. Hmm, Tough call…

Single Dad’s Hostage – Getting kidnapped isn’t so bad.At least, it’s not when your captor is a billionaire with a huge… heart.He saved me from my abusive ex-boyfriend when I couldn’t get away.Now he owns me, and he wants to get engaged.The only problem is, my ex isn’t letting me go so easily.Dean Sharp is a breathtakingly gorgeous, arrogant, and an asshole. At least that’s my first impression when he knocks out my abusive boyfriend.When we get home, I know my boyfriend’s going to make me pay for what Dean did.But Dean Sharp isn’t done meddling in my life. Not even close.He grabs me from outside my motel, throws me in his car, and says I’m his hostage. He doesn’t want money, though. What he does want is the last thing I would’ve ever expected. He wants me to pretend to be his fiancee so his daughter and brothers don’t suspect anything. And he says he won’t let me go until he’s sure I’ll never go back to my abusive boyfriend.The thought of crossing my boyfriend terrifies me, and I’ve spent the last two years trying not to even think of what he’d do if I left. He owns me. At least he did until Dean Sharp stepped into my world. He saved me from my abusive relationship, and now he wants to give me something even bigger: an enormous diamond ring. How can a girl say no to that?

Miss Matchmaker – I can find anyone’s perfect match, except my own.
Enter Mr. Tall Dark and Brooding.Love? He’s not interested. He’d rather give me a wild night in the hay and move on,But he just met his match.A small town is the last place I ever thought I’d find myself, but I’m desperate to save my failing business, and a mysterious client makes an offer I can’t turn down.She wants me to match her with the man of her dreams, and if I pull it off, she’ll pay me more than I can imagine.But when a cowboy everybody calls “Country” welcomes me to town with a “get lost” and a side of drop-dead gorgeous, well, things get a little more complicated. I mean, what kind of woman wouldn’t go following a guy like that back to his ranch? And what kind of woman wouldn’t go marching up to tell him off, even if he was shirtless?Between my insane client and my inability to stay away from the cocky cowboy, I have my hands full. And Lucas Tate, the man my client wants? It turns out he’s also my cowboy.

Knocked Up by the Dom – My darkest secret? I let a stranger dominate me in the most intimate way possible. He gave me three things that night:His first name, the sweet taste of submission, and his baby.Now my Dom is back and this time he won’t stop until I’m his.Kylie
One wild and reckless night changed my life three years ago. I got a taste of what it meant to be with a real man–how just a whisper could ignite my desire, and his commanding voice could have me kneeling at his feet in submission.He was my everything and I only knew him for a few hours. But like everything good in my life, it went up in flames. When I learned the truth about him, I ran as fast as I could. I’d like to think I would’ve stayed if I knew about the baby… but I doubt even that would’ve stopped me, not after what I learned.
It has been three years since she got away. Three f*cking years. I knew she was mine from the moment I saw her. I had to have her. To touch her. For one night, I owned her submission and she loved every second.I finally found her again. There’s not a chance in hell she’s going to slip away this time. Not again. Not ever.I’m going to bring her into my world. I’ll give her everything she wants and all the things she didn’t even know she needs. She’ll be crying out my name. She’ll be dreaming of spankings, handcuffs, and blindfolds. I’m going to dominate her in every way imaginable. Mind, body, and soul. Especially her body.But it’s not going to be as simple as I thought because she has a son now… my son.

Knocked Up and Punished – “Yes, Sir.”
Two simple words changed my life.One night. Complete surrender. Total submission.That was supposed to be it, but there’s one complication,I’m pregnant, and he has no idea.
She was like a bird with a broken wing… something small and delicate that wandered into my club, completely out of place and completely beautiful. One look and I knew I had to have her. I wanted to make her mine, to protect her, to claim her.All these years and I have never taken a submissive, but that’s about to change. I’ll teach her how sweet surrender can taste, and I’ll show her how a real man treats a woman. She’ll learn that she’ll never feel as free or alive as when she’s cuffed and bound, completely at my mercy.
I’d sworn off dominant men, locked away my need for submission. I’d given my trust to one too many men who abused it, and all I wanted was to move on. To heal.But one look at Jayce and I knew I’d never met a true dominant before. He radiated power and command. He carried the promise of something better–something real. For just one night, I gave him what I thought I’d never give again: my submission. I let him take me and dominate me. I let him shatter my world with the heat of his body and the brush of his lips on my ear as he whispered the words that were my undoing. “You’re mine, princess.” But he bound me in more ways than one that night. I’m pregnant, and he has no idea.

The Dom’s Bride – I won a date with a billionaire. He promised me three things:
A crash course in BDSM,A toe curling night,And then he’d show me the door. End of story. Or is it?
Maybe I was crazy for agreeing, but for once, I just wanted to feel something. Anything. I’ve spent my life running away from men who get too close. Call it a combination of emotional baggage and a fear of commitment. Either way, I’m a virgin who gets to have the night of my life with a billionaire dom. It’s a dream come true, right? If only.I thought I could just forget it all when it was over. I’d throw it in with all the other crap in my past and move on. Except the dom isn’t ready to move on.
I had one rule: no attachments. One simple rule, and then she happened. Stephanie Holland. The one who decided to dump a big, flaming pile of complicated on my life and then disappear. I shouldn’t be surprised she ran off. I practically kicked her out the door, didn’t I? Old habits die hard, I guess, but this time I haven’t been able to get her off my mind. Month after month and it just gets worse. Maybe I could break the rule just once. Hell, I don’t even need to break it. I’ll just give it a little bend for her and then she’ll be off my mind. One way or another, I’m going to wrap my tie around her perfect little wrists again. The only question is whether I’ll have it in me to show her the door again.

Baby for the Beast – I didn’t know his secrets when he knocked me up…I only knew the heat of his touch,The bite of command in his voice,He demanded submission. Complete surrender.For one night, I was someone else. Then I learned the truth.
It’s just one blind date. One silly night to get my sister and my friend off my back. They say I’m letting my best years slip by and that I need a man in my life. Me, though? I’m happy on my own. I have a good job and my life is fine. A little boring sometimes. Maybe just a little depressing and lonely here and there, but it’s comfortable.But that one little blind date turns my life upside down. All I gave him was a single night, just a few hours of recklessness. A few moments of release. For just a night, I was someone else.The scary part?I’m starting to like the person I am with him, and my comfortable, easy life seems a whole lot less appealing now.
I’ve always done my job. My duty. I’ve sacrificed my life for the Luciani crime family, so what difference does it make if I have to kidnap some girl? Her father is on the verge of cracking a case against my father and our family wide open, so using his daughter as leverage is our best shot. My job is simple. Meet the girl for a “date”. Tempt her back to my place and hold her until her dad cooperates.It should have been simple. But then I saw her. Those wide, innocent eyes and that mischievous little smile. Those curves barely hidden under her dress that practically begged to be explored and worshipped. She was a goddess. Sexy innocence made flesh. In a single moment, I knew this girl was going to ruin everything. I’d break promises for her. I’d forsake my duty for her. I’d start a war for her if I had to.I’ll make her mine, no matter the cost.

My (Mostly) Secret Baby – You know that instinct to run when something bad is coming?
Yeah. I apparently missed out on that one.
Because Damon Rose came, and instead of running, I got pregnant.
Yes. I remember Chelsea Cross.
I remember five years ago when she thought she could handle me.
Proving her wrong was… enjoyable.
With hair I wanted to fist. A mouth that only stopped when I kissed it. A body that I needed to press against the nearest wall and claim.
And now she wants a job.
A smart man would say “no”.
Or, I could teach her the same lesson I taught her five years ago.
She can’t even begin to handle me.

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