9 Books by Jessica Gadziala (.ePUB)

9 Books by Jessica Gadziala (.ePUB)

9 Books by Jessica Gadziala
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Overview: Jessica Gadziala is a full-time writer, parrot enthusiast, and coffee drinker from New Jersey. She enjoys short rides to the book store, sad songs, and cold weather.
Genre: Erotic Romance


Dark Secrets – There’s a reason Faith works at Lam, a known mafia bar, despite the fact that she doesn’t have a drop of hospitality kindness or any apparent respect for men who could easily take her life.
There is also a reason Danny is the new bartender there. And that reason has nothing to do with the decades-long bartending experience he lied about on his resume.
So when passions emerge and become too much to deny anymore, they each scramble to try to protect their secrets- Faith, the deal she made with the devil to get and keep a job she obviously had no interest in and why; Danny, the real reason he was at Lam.
But, as with all secrets, the truth will always find its way to the light…

Vigilante – I’m a bad guy.I do bad things. But I do them for the right reasons.That’s why I can sleep easy at night even with the smell of fresh blood still in my nostrils. One more scumbag off the streets.One more righting of a wrong.That was all my life was about.Until I came across her…

Dark Horse – He needed it.
The new job.The new city. The new life.The second chance. And nothing could stand in his way.Except, maybe, the sexy as hell spitfire he found himself suddenly in competition with for a job he thought was his.Amongst trying to begin again, office politics, and a case that wasn’t quite what it seemed, he needed to try to keep his mind off the spirited Espen, a task that was going to prove extremely difficult…

Grudge Match – An underground fight club.
A woman who shouldn’t have been there.
And the man who owns it.
Ross Ward is bound by the chains of his past he never could seem to shake, leaving him living in darkness, detached from the world around him, and an obsessive workaholic with really only one rule: mind your own business.
Until one night, there was Adalind Hollis – scared, confused, in need of help. And for the first time, he couldn’t convince himself to walk away, to mind his own business.
Even after she was getting the care she needed, he couldn’t seem to make himself stay away. But keeping her close meant he would eventually have to let her in, would have to offer over the horrors of his past, and hope she could accept it.
But even if she would embrace his past, could she accept his plan to exact brutal, bloody vengeance against the man who hurt her?

A Navesink Bank Christmas – What you have all been asking for! 5 short Christmas stories.Where we revisit couples of the past.Reign & Summer.
Cash & Lo.
Wolf & Janie.
Breaker & Alex.
Paine & Elsie.
** This is not a standalone, and must be read after you have read the five main books mentioned above **

Don’t Come – The Dom
I’m not broken, tortured, or scarred, some cliched, overdone and sensationalized misconception about this lifestyle… and the men in it who control their submissives with a strong hand. I’m just a Dom. Just a man who gets off on a woman who entrusts me with her submission. Just a man who loves to be able to show them all the ways the gift of their trust can bring them untold, never-before-experienced layers of pleasure.But casually.Just play. Just sex. Nothing more.Until I came across her.She’s everything a Dom as experienced as I am shouldn’t want – new to the lifestyle, unsure,untrained. It should never have gone beyond those first few exchanges online. But there was something about her, something that kept me texting, calling, teaching her to trust me enough to meet with me. After one touch, one taste, one night, I knew there was no going back. She was mine. And I was going to show her everything she had been craving from a man all her life. I guess I just had no idea – or at least didn’t want to admit to myself – that this was different, she was different, we were different. And once I got to have her, I wanted to keep her.You know… if I could convince her to stay…
It was just a drunken decision. I woke up after a night of a little – okay, a lot – of ‘Thirty is just a number’ drinking to find that drunk-me had decided to do something that sober-me would never have had the guts to do, no matter how much I wanted it. I had joined a D/s dating site. And I was totally, absolutely going to delete my account and move on with my life. A life where I had secretly been craving a hand strong enough to take the control I held onto so tightly away from me.Except I had a message.From him.I could never have anticipated the pull I felt toward him, how strong the need within me would be to feel him show me all the things I had been wanting, but denying myself. I didn’t know it could feel like it did, that it could consume me, that it could make me crave not only his touch, but him. It was dangerous territory, slowing falling for a man who made it clear that what was between us was casual. He wouldn’t even tell me his real name. And as things started to get more intense – both physically and emotionally – I had to start to debate whether the pleasure he gave me was worth staying for if it leads to a heartbreak I was sure I wasn’t prepared for…

Fix It Up – “The chance of a lifetime. With one little catch.”
All Brinley Spears has ever dreamed about since she completed design school four years ago was getting noticed. By the right people. By the right companies. Anyone who could finally help launch her career onto a new level.
Unfortunately, the opportunity comes to her in the aisle of a home improvement store while she was arguing with the world’s most irritating contractor… Warren Reyes.
It was everything she ever wanted, the chance to star in HITV’s hit show Fix It Up. There’s one problem though. The producers think Brin and Warren are married. And want them as a pair… or not at all.
So, desperate for the opportunity she has always wanted, Brin hatches a plan. One fake marriage. One season of a show. And then they can both go their separate ways.
You know, if they don’t kill each other first…

N.Y.E. – What do you do when your career is stagnant and one of the biggest businessmen in the city offers you the opportunity of a lifetime? To plan a New Year’s Eve party for thousands of his employees. On too short of notice. With no plan. With an almost assured chance of failure?
Well, you take it, of course. Or at least, that is what Sage Walters decides to do, sure that if she could pull it off, this would be the job that would catapult her career to a whole new level that doesn’t involve one gender reveal party after another.
Of course, she’d have to not only contend with the impossibility of pulling off the event on such short of notice, but the overbearing, micromanaging, condescending CEO of Calgary Industries – Grant Calgary himself, their constant bickering, and the completely irrational, unprofessional – yet undeniable – chemistry between them…

There Better Be Pie – Juliette
Ugh. Trip Martin.
He was the fly in my ointment.
He was the black cloud on my sunny day.
But everyone thought I was crazy.
Why was I the only person who could see how insufferable he was?
And why, after my parents invited him to share our family Thanksgiving, was I suddenly seeing him in a whole new light?
Juliette Kensley.
Pampered princess.
Stubborn as the day was long.
But to everyone else, she was a ray of sunshine.
Why did she get under my skin so easily?
And how, after getting to know her better, was I going to survive a long weekend with her and her family?
I’ll tell you one thing—
There better be pie.

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