9 Books by Bridget Barton (.ePUB)

9 Books by Bridget Barton (.ePUB)

9 Books by Bridget Barton
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Overview: Bridget Barton was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. She has studied English Literature in college and after a brief passage in journalism as a newspaper writer, she stirred her career to what she always loved: becoming an author!
Genre: Fiction > Romance


The Revenge of the Betrayed Duke– When Edward decided to join the army with his friends and set off to war, he had no idea what a journey awaited him. His only company being his love’s medallion, he found himself trapped in a long adventure filled with betrayal and deceit. Lost and exiled, Edward can think of nothing but Emily and her enduring faithfulness to get him through. Will he ever find his way back to his home and to the heart of the woman he left behind?
Emily Daventry watched her friends and her love of her life march for war with a heavy heart. The only thing she could cling to was that one day Edward would come back for her. She had to wait, no matter what. When dreadful news comes that Edward was killed during the war, Emily vows to seal her heart and never love again. But with her love gone and her family in need of saving, will Emily stay true to her promise?
With Edward seeking revenge, feeling that all his life was a lie, and Emily unwillingly settling in an arrangement she would never expect, will love give them a second chance? Life has been unfair to them, but will they find the courage to face the hard truth and start over?

Smitten with an Ethereal Lady– Lady Charlotte Lumley knows that she can never aspire to have a normal life, like any other lady in her position would. Many years ago, an accident on a rainy day, had put an end to any chance of her becoming a bride. Charlotte has resigned herself to an inevitable fate – she became a social recluse, who even her parents never speak of, because of the affliction that torments her; a ghost daughter, who must stay hidden away. But when she meets the kind and handsome Marquess, her heart flutters for the first time! Can she let go of her secret and believe that love is on the cards for her too?
Sebastian, the Marquess of Wharton, has no desire to marry. The vapid society ladies that his mother insists on throwing on his path do not interest him at all. All that changes when he suddenly meets a beautiful lady on a crowded street, and he is forced to reconsider his perspective. Despite all his mother’s efforts, Sebastian is smitten with the mysterious Charlotte and cannot stop thinking about her. Will he be able to discover her well-kept secret and convince her that she is the one who owns his heart?
Even though they were instantly attracted to each other, each one repelled those thoughts for their own reasons. Nonetheless, avoiding that powerful chemistry cannot last long. Can Charlotte ever hope to break away from her painful past, and learn to embrace life, and a chance of true love? Can Sebastian ever hope to break free of society’s norms and follow his heart?

For the Love of a Gracious Duke – Ellen’s marriage was not at all what she expected it to be. When tragedy strikes and she is left a penniless widow, she has no choice but to give up her life of comfort. However, when she crosses paths with a man from her past and he offers to help her, it only further complicates things. She is suddenly faced with the only man who could make her heart skip a beat, only now she is not his equal. Could she defy their differences and give him a chance?
Lewis, Duke of Cornwall, is hesitant to take on his childhood friend as his servant when she shows up at his door. But she’s too stubborn to accept charity and he is not prepared to have her walk out of his life again. His efforts to rekindle their friendship are thwarted by Ellen’s insistence on propriety but he will not give up that easily. The heart wants what it wants and he believes that finding her again is a sign they were meant to be together. Can he make her forget her past heartache and betrayal and trust him?
Fate meant for them to find each other again at a time when a true friendship is needed. What happens when the lines between friendship and love are slowly blurring?

Her Duke in the Making – Anne knows exactly what the Season will hold for her. The only thing she has to do is convince her parents that the man she has chosen is a good match for her. That seems like a trifle until her mother enlists her help to get the new Duke of Somerset ready for the Season as well. Ever the dutiful daughter, she agrees to give him etiquette lessons but only if he agrees to help her with her own plans as well. Will their unusual deal pave the way for them to grow true feelings for each other?
In order to keep him safe from his brother, Thomas’s mother took him and fled to America. Now that his brother is dead Thomas must return to England to claim his birthright and become the Duke of Somerset. Raised an American and suddenly thrown into English society, Thomas has no one to turn to except perhaps the same woman who had once helped his American mother assimilate. Will he be willing to let her beautiful daughter teach him the British ways?
When matters of the heart are concerned, the future can never be predictable. In undertaking a bizarre, yet fascinating task, will Anne and Thomas be able to see that what they need is right in front of them? Will love blossom in a most unusual place?

The Mysterious Past of a Delicate Flower – Flora Hendley was born in France, but she wishes she knew more about her family’s past. After her parents died under mysterious circumstances, her family’s once-honoured name became a subject of scorn in England. Things will soon change when on her nineteenth birthday she will discover a shocking truth about her inheritance… While word of a hidden fortune brings mysterious treasure-hunters out of the woodwork, there will be a dashing gentleman among them, capable of shaking her world. But will he be someone that she can trust, or just another person trying to take advantage of her?
Spencer Padgett is clever and ambitious. He is ready to do whatever is expected of him for the King and the Country, even if that means he will have to lie. But when it comes to meeting a fascinating young lady and recovering a fortune owed to the Crown, his thoughts will never be that clear again. Will he obey his common sense warning him to stay away from her? Or will he sacrifice his unshakable need for control in the name of the feelings he has started having for the first time in his life?
While Flora delves into a past that she wanted to keep hidden, Spencer has to face his emotions and harden his heart against the beautiful lady. Will the secrets revealed and the perplexing situation make them enemies? Or will they manage to put aside all of their doubts in the name of love?

A Lady’s Mysterious Origin – Joanna has a secret need to become more in life than just the companion to a Duke’s daughter. However, with her parents being a dark mystery and nothing to look forward to, she feels condemned to a dull life for the rest of her years. Her life will soon take a strange turn though, when the nephew of the Duchess will take an interest in her, leaving her strangely unsettled and making her heart beating faster. But how could a romance between a girl of no origin and a nobleman ever flourish?
Leonard, Viscount of Hethersett, is a man who knows his duty to his family. His return to London has secured him a marriage, but he would rather spend time with the lovely companion of his cousin than obey his parent’s wishes. However, he will soon face a dilemma that will question his very values. Will he decide that his own feelings are more important than what society demands? Will he choose love over duty?
Sometimes, even the best of intentions tend to go all awry. And just when Leonard has started winning Joanna’s trust, everything will be on the verge of collapsing. How will he make it up to her and her broken heart? Will the mystery of Joanna’s origin ever be solved?

A Fearless Lady Craving Freedom – Charlotte Livingston has never known anything but comfort and security. She was raised in a wealthy Regency family, she is engaged to a man of good social standing, and her life seems to be more than settled. However, deep inside she knew that she would gladly give up the wealth and comfort of her position to live an adventure. When she discovers the news that her dearest cousin goes missing, Charlotte’s only option is to take action, and set out on an expedition in order to find her. But will she dare to lay aside what society expects of her to embrace the yearning for adventure she’s always harboured in her heart?
Ewan Sinclair is old enough to be experienced but young enough to retain youthful vigour. Having fled his home for years now, he is tracing his own path in life, making a name for his ability to find lost people. When two desperate sisters ask for his help in order to find their missing cousin, his financial situation gives him no choice but to accept the offer. Little had he known, before asking the older sister to join him in his investigation, how his life was about to change at that moment. Will he eventually let his prejudice aside and leave a space for love in his heart?
A lifetime adventure soon brings Charlotte and Ewan closer than they ever thought they would be and creates unprecedented emotions between them. But when the situation is about to get harder and harder, will they be ready to conquer their fears? Will they choose to risk everything in the name of freedom
and love?

A Lady Defying All for Love – Eliza Steele is the only daughter of a respected clergyman in a quiet English town. Her life has always been simple and peaceful until, one day, a new family moves to town and her world is about to get upside down. After she realizes she has started falling for the new family’s eldest son, things will inevitably get more complicated than ever. When she finds out that the newcomers are hiding something, will she find the courage to get to the bottom of the mystery, and the compassion to handle what she finds lying there?
Benedict Flynn is the eldest son of a highly respected family. When his father, a particularly outspoken member of the House of Lords, gets accused of having widely misused his wealth, Benedict’s family doesn’t really have a choice…Disappearing from London’s social scene seems to be the only way to protect themselves from the malicious rumours. However, when a past acquaintance finds out about them, Benedict needs to take immediate action to preserve his family’s reputation. Will he be brave enough to share his secret with the charming lady he meets in town, and ask for her help? And will he dare to admit his feelings for her?
Eliza and Benedict soon find themselves in the middle of a web of scandal and confusion; a situation they could have never imagined. Will the chemistry between them be strong enough to help them fight anything that comes into their way? Will Eliza find the strength to defy everything in the name of love?

Dancing with a Gracious Lord – After a childhood illness left her with a scarred face, Juliana Rothmond is determined that no man will ever look at her except for her generous dowry. When her father announces that she is soon to marry Ira Galbrathe, an opportunistic and arrogant man, Juliana desperately tries to escape from her future misery. Will she find a way to break an unwanted betrothal? Could she meet a man who will overlook her broken visage and love her for the beauty of her heart?
Before the Earl of Dunville died, his last wish was that his only son should find a suitable wife and shoulder his responsibilities. Following his father’s desire, Lord Horatio Vincent decides to stop being a womanizer and find a bride without any delay. After his first dance with Juliana, he is immediately won over by the beauty under her scars, defying all the resentful comments on her appearance. Not long after, he comes up with a plan to rescue her from an insufferable man and meet his father’s expectations; to marry Juliana the earliest possible. But, could this deal ever turn out to be a fairytale? Will Horatio manage to love Juliana, or will he be trapped in an emotionless marriage that himself proposed?
By the time their feelings are starting to bloom, their life is about to fall apart. When Ira joins forces with Horatio’s past love to break off their marriage and destroy their lives, Juliana and Horatio must prove that nothing can deprive them of their happiness. Will a true romance flourish in such an unfortunate situation, or the barriers they come across are too many to overcome?

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