8 Books by Mary Sue Jackson (.ePUB)

8 Books by Mary Sue Jackson (.ePUB)

8 Books by Mary Sue Jackson
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Overview: Mary Sue Jackson is the romance pen name created for all those cowboy dreamers!
Genre: Fiction > Romance


The Rancher’s Baby Bargain – Former class nerd, Lucy Carr, comes home with a tantalizing offer for hometown hottie Aiden Harper: she’s developed a natural pesticide that will kill off the spider mites eating his crops, and she’ll give it to him for free…if he agrees to father a child for her. Time is running out to go the traditional route for finding a man, and Lucy wants her baby to be smart AND good in gym class.
Aiden has put everything he has into his fields of hops, and the award-winning beer he brews with them. But one more year of mites eating half his crops and his family’s farm and legacy—as well as his dreams for his brewery—are going to go under. When Lucy shows up looking hot, and being hailed for her scientific achievements, Aiden is more than a little jealous. He remembers how fun science class was the year they’d been lab partners and how much more enticing Lucy had been than the cheerleaders on the football field. He’d never had the guts to admit his crush in high school—after all, jocks and nerds didn’t mix. Now Lucy has everything, and he’s on the verge of losing it all.
But what starts as a trade of necessity to achieve their goals turns into a tangled jumble of emotions when they realize they might have found more than bugs and babies: they may have found the person who completes their lives.

The Cowboy’s Heir – Chelsea Karnes has dreamed of moving out west to “wide open spaces” ever since reading her first cowboy romance at age ten. So when Chelsea gets offered a teaching position in an “alternative” elementary school in Texas she sees it as fate’s design and goes all in. Even hooking up with a cowboy on her preparation trip to find a place to live.
After a childhood spent basically screwing-up everything he cared about, Parker Trent is now a careful man. He’s inherited a sizeable dairy farm from his father and prides himself on the purity of his milk and the purity of his dating record: he only dates tourists. But when his dairy farm’s accounts are called into question and his hot hookup from the summer turns up—pregnant—as the alternative school’s new kindergarten teacher, not only is his dating record broken, but his world is turned upside down.
Chelsea is perfectly happy raising the baby on her own, but Parker refuses to fail at fatherhood. The more time they spend together, the more Parker is determined to show he can be the father their child needs. Recruiting himself to help with the school’s adaptive animal program—the program Chelsea happens to run—seems like a chance to show Chelsea that he means business when it comes to parenting and to get him back into her good graces after his less than excited reaction to their bundle of joy.
But spending time with Chelsea has Parker longing to be more than just a father…for the first time in his life he’s wondering what it would be like to be a husband too.

The Rancher’s Unexpected Nanny – Finn Henry was once a rodeo star. That was, until life happened. His wife was expecting, his father in law was injured, and the family ranch needed someone at the helm. There seemed no choice but to retire from glory and move back to their hometown to raise their family. When Finn’s wife died suddenly just three years later, it seemed like their twist of fate had given him the twist again: all his dreams were dead. To compensate he’d thrown himself into ranching—losing himself in the grief.
Callie Winter, has landed her dream job moving to the east coast to work for a prestigious private school, but she’s fallen in love out west…with an adorable kindergartener. Wendy Henry has imprinted on Callie and Callie is scared she’s imprinted right back. Callie knows she should head out in June and get settled out east, but then she finds herself offering her services as a summer nanny after one too many parent teacher conferences gone badly with Finn. Callie’s excuse is to earn the extra money she needs to rent a home in the historical area around the school…but the reality may be that it’s harder to leave the pair than she ever expected.
Callie’s goal for the summer is to reunite father and daughter so that she can leave and know that the two of them have bonded again. However, as they learn to live together, Callie finds that she’s more involved than ever, as she learns to love the stoic rancher. Suddenly, she’s wondering if maybe her dream isn’t her dream anymore…but is Finn ready to open his heart again?

The Rancher’s Second Chance – Samantha Jenson likes things ordered. She’s managed to carefully plot out her life, creating lists along the way to keep her on track: Leave small town. No more cowboys—especially him. Get educated. Don’t even think about him. Become a professor. So far, she’s put a check in every box but the last.
When her family ranch in Texas goes to her after the death of her father and brother, she’s forced to return home to put things in order and to make sure the property doesn’t get into the hands of her shady cousin. Enter Cole Baker. Tough, hard, distant. Sexy. The kind of guy you’d want standing between you and an attacking bear. Or in your bed. He’s definitely not on Sammie’s to-do list. But when the two of them are thrown together to save the ranch, her list begins to look not quite so important.
No one had ever mistaken Cole for one of the good guys. In and out of trouble his whole life, his one brush with respectability came during the brief time he and Sammie dated in high school. Now, fresh out of the army, he finds himself suddenly navigating the world of single parenthood and is desperate to give his son stability. He needs a job and a place to stay, so when Sammie offers him the role of running the ranch, he swallows his pride and agrees.
All his life he’s let down everyone he loved, so he’ll try to focus on the job, and definitely not think about how beautiful Sammie is, how goddamn cute all her lists are or how good she is with his son. It’ll only end in heartbreak, just like before… right?

The Cowboy’s Mistake – No man should be as sexy as Trey Cantor when he’s mucking out a horse stall. But then again, there’s no man quite like Trey.
Charity has known Trey all her life, but she can still appreciate a fine-looking man when she sees one, and Trey is far more to Charity than just a fine-looking man. He may have always seen her as his best friend’s little sister, but Charity’s all grown up and her crush on Trey has grown up too. If only she could get him to see her as a woman.
During a trip to buy Charity’s new barrel-racing horse, Trey’s floored—and a bit horrified—by how attracted he is to her. He wants to put her firmly in the friend zone, but his body disagrees. And when they get home, that attraction ignites all the way to the bedroom, leaving Trey riddled with guilt the morning after. He feels he’s betrayed the family who made his life bearable when he was young and dealing with a drunken, violent father. But what Trey is convinced was a mistake turns into so much more when Charity finds out she’s pregnant—with twins. Now, he’ll do right by her and support his children. He’ll take care of Charity, like he’s always done.
The only thing is, Charity insists she doesn’t want or need his help, thank you very much. She’s still stinging from his rejection after their night together, and refuses to marry him based on some duty or obligation. She wants a man who loves her, not just one who’s determined to do the “right” thing.
Yet as Charity’s pregnancy progresses, Trey realizes he can’t live without her, and he’ll do all he can to convince her they were meant to be.

Snowed in With the Rancher – Olivia Wickham could never forget the cowboy she met on a cruise five years ago. The two spent a magical few days together before she was called home for an emergency, without giving him her number. She would have gotten over Tate McConnell—it was just a few nights of paradise, after all—if it wasn’t for two little things: her twin daughters, who were born as a result of those wonderful days. Though she searched for her lost romance in vain, she never forgot his mesmerizing eyes, and the way his smile made her melt inside.
On a trip to the wilderness just before Christmas, things take a scary turn when one of her daughters is injured on a snowshoeing tour and the little family is unknowingly left behind by the guide. When Tate shows up to save them, she instantly knows who he is—the father of her children, and possibly the love of her life.
Surprised is a mild term for what Tate feels when he realizes the woman he’s been sent to rescue is Olivia. He’d searched for her over the years, her smile and laugh invading his thoughts on lonely nights. When he learns the two little girls with Olivia are his, surprise makes way for shock. Now, with a major snowstorm coming their way, Tate has to quickly get them to safety inside a cozy little cabin in the woods. Too cozy, since Tate is adjusting to being a father and trying to fight his fierce attraction to Olivia. But since they’re snowbound, there’s nothing to be done but to let his feelings thaw a bit. Or a lot, since they can’t seem to keep their hands off each other every chance they have to be alone. When reality intrudes, though, real panic sets in for Tate. He’s been alone too long to suddenly be a big family man, even if it is Christmas time.
But when Tate finds himself alone on Christmas Day, he realizes being alone is, well, lonely. He can only hope he’s not too late to create his own Christmas magic.

Protecting His Cowgirl – Heroes aren’t supposed to drive beat-up old trucks, and they don’t go around breaking a girl’s heart. But Garrett Grayson, Macy Joyce’s particular hero, does both of those things. Well, Macy doesn’t need a hero, just a little bit of help around her ranch. Someone to figure out who’s been cutting fences and throwing rocks through her windows. Garrett, who’s on leave from the Army, can certainly handle the job. But can Macy handle the way her pulse quickens every time she sees him? Can she handle the way her six-year-old son is starting to look at this man who’s lived in her heart since high school? Can she handle it when Garrett leaves—which she knows he will?
As far as Garrett is concerned, the only good thing he’s ever done for Macy is leave her behind. He never did deserve a girl like her. But when Macy’s brother—and Garrett’s former best friend—calls and asks him to help protect her, Garrett agrees, knowing it’s only for a short time. Surely he can work on the ranch without getting involved with her. Ever since his misspent youth, Garrett’s been trying to redeem himself, to show everyone in the little town of Heartstring that he’s not the troublemaker he once was. Breaking Macy’s heart again will just prove he hasn’t changed a bit. So he’s going to stay away from her. He’ll just ignore the way his heart feels too big in his chest whenever he sees her, or how she’s grown into a gorgeous, sexy woman. He won’t let his feelings show. No matter what.
Problem is, he hadn’t counted on how tough it would be to walk away—again—from the only girl he’d ever loved.

The Cowboy’s Pregnant Fake Fiancée – One fooled town.
Two fools in love.
For years, life on the road is the only life hotshot rodeo star Dean “Wildcard” Slate knows. Until an injury forces him to step away from the spotlight and spend time on the small-town ranch he’s always wanted. Without the tabloids following his every move, Dean can finally enjoy the quiet life for a while and maybe even have some fun.
Town sweetheart Marley Arrowood is finally happy with the way her life is going. She’s escaped from her perfectly planned-out future, ditched the ex she didn’t love and fulfilled her dream of opening a bakery. But one night with a handsome cowboy changes everything when Marley discovers another kind of bun in the oven.
Neither Dean or Marley was looking for a relationship but after the town and the press catch wind of their short-lived affair, they have no choice but to fool everyone that they’re in love to keep their reputations in tact. But more fool them when their fake romance starts to fuel very real feelings…

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