8 Books by Harper West (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

8 Books by Harper West (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

8 Books by Harper West
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Overview: Harper West is the author of ‘Hella Hot’ Contemporary Romance featuring, Billionaire Romance, Royal Romance, Mafia Romance, with a hot Menage Romance twist!
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


The Nanny and the Billionaires– This Nanny’s Hard Work Pays off . . . In the Bedroom.
Rich AF
That’s what they call us.
We have more money and power than two men could ever dream of—or need.
But we’re also flawed AF
One of us lost our wife, and the other hides behind a string of one-night-stands.
Besides the kids, we’ve closed ourselves off from connecting with anyone, and we prefer it that way—until we meet her.
A gorgeous beauty standing on our doorstep with eyes like an angel, and a body made for sin.
Screwing the Nanny is a bad idea, right?
Even if she is the first woman to get both our motors going in a long while . . .
We should keep things professional, but we’ve also never been ones to follow the rules.
So we say f*ck it and give in, unable to keep our hands off her luscious curves and thick, wet lips.
We’re gonna give her satisfaction like she’s never experienced before and we’ll add in a dash of panty-dropping kink to show her that pleasure can be enjoyed even more, when you bring in a bit of pain.
She better get ready . . . because naughty times are coming in our playroom.

The Billionaires and The Librarian – They’ll take her romance addiction from fictional—to purely physical
Money doesn’t buy happiness.
But it sure as hell pays the bills.
And for those of us without it—life can really suck.
But that’s okay. I’ll take my 5 days a week of ramen, and never-ending overdraft fees, because I love my job. At the library, I’m surrounded by the thing I adore most—books.
I’ve adapted to my life, come to accept it, until one rainy day changes everything.
Now I’m being pursued not by just one—but two brooding billionaires.
They’re charming, and arrogant, and I can’t seem to get enough of their touches.
Something raw and carnal inside of me has been awakened, and I barely recognize myself.
They’re showing me just how bad a good girl can be . . .
And truth be told—I’m starting to like it.
It isn’t a word we hear often.
But that’s how it is when you can buy anything you want.
And yet—all that wealth can’t repair a broken man.
Our days and nights are filled with dull meetings and meaningless women.
Then she showed up. No, not showed up.
She rammed into our life . . . literally.
Sweet, innocent, and unlike anyone we’ve ever known.
But there’s something else there. A naughty, secret part of her, the craves to be dominated.
She needs to unleash her inner brat, and we’re more than happy to oblige.
It’ll just take a bit of coaxing.
And after all, we’re experts when it comes to the art of persuasion. .

The Virgins Billionaire Bachelors – It’s not just the tropical temperatures that leave you hot and sweaty . . .
My whole life is in shambles.
After my fiancé dumps me and my dreams are dashed; I run away.
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is the perfect place to hide, heal my broken heart, and get a killer tan.
But you can’t exactly live off of nothing, so I get a job working as a hotel maid.
Sure, cleaning up luxury suites after the likes of the rich and famous isn’t exactly the glamorous life of a screenwriter I’d always imagined . . . but for now, it works.
Until one morning I run—literally—into a them; a pair of gorgeous, billionaire game designers who are on the run themselves.
Everything about this screams ‘bad idea’, but I’ve made enough good decisions to know there are no guarantees.
Besides, our connection is ridiculously hot, and a summer fling and losing my virginity, might be exactly what I need to turn things around.
But each night together makes me think this could be more than a vacation romance, if I’m willing to open up my heart
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
And we know this firsthand.
When our vicious ex-girlfriend drags our company’s good name through the mud, we decide to lay low in Mexico until the whole legal mess blows over.
It’s meant to be a quiet little trip to forget about work, stress, and women—but even the best laid plans go awry.
Especially when we meet her; a beautiful innocent hotel maid.
She’s guarded yet seductive, and everything about her intoxicates us.
Our attraction is instant, and the chemistry is intense, but these trust issues might be the death of this summer lovin’.
Especially when exes start showing up . . .

The Virgins Double Tycoons – These Greek gods are close enough to touch…
I hate weddings.
Actually—I love them, but I hate this wedding.
Why? Because I’m sitting here watching the man I once adored, marry someone else.
And to top it off, it’s the Bahamas wedding I’d always dreamed of having.
So yeah … now I hate weddings.
I want nothing more than to ditch the ceremony, high-tail it to the beach, and slam down a few Piña coladas—but I can’t—because I’m always the bigger person.
The responsible person.
Hence why I’m still a virgin.
I’m anticipating the worst day of my life—until I run into them.
Dark, tall, and thoroughly Greek; and they’re eyeing me in ways that make my thighs ache.
I shouldn’t get involved, they’re my ex’s groomsmen after all; but I’m tired of doing the right thing. I want to be irresponsible. To give in to my base desires and just be free.
No harm. No foul. After all, it’s just a vacation hookup, right?
We’re gods.
Well, not technically… but that’s what women say when we bed them.
So when we’re chosen to be groomsmen for a pal’s destination wedding, we’re totally down.
After all, they’ll be plenty of single beauties looking to get wet and wild with a handsome stranger—or two.
And we definitely intend on being those strangers.
The plan is to have as many women as we can, until we spot her.
Now, she’s the only thing we want.
A luscious, innocent beauty, with chocolate eyes and long, dark locks. The kind perfect for running your hands through as she’s screaming your name.
Which is exactly what we end up doing; making her cry our names in absolute ecstasy night after night. She’s quickly becoming the drug we can’t get enough of, and as this vacation is coming to an end, we’re not sure we’re ready for detox.

The Billionaires and The Bookworm – Book-Boyfriends have nothing on these Alpha Dom’s…
Bookworm. Geek. Nerd.
I’ve heard it all my life, and I don’t care.
Books are everything to me . . . Which is why I’ve always wanted to own a bookstore.
And after years of hard work, long hours, and sacrifice; my dream is just within reach—until they show up.
Two handsome investors who claim my future bookstore is on their property.
They’re charming, arrogant, and dominant, and the way they make me feel, I’ve never experienced before. But none of that matters, because I’m just about to lose this dream—until they offer me a deal.
Seven dates—with both of them—and I can have everything I want.
What’s the harm?
But the truth is, the only men I’ve let into my bed, and my heart, are the fictional kind.
It’s only seven dates. It’s not like I’m going to lose my heart . . . Right?
We know how to get what we want.
We do it all the time, in every aspect of our lives.
So, when our next big venture is being contested, we have to see firsthand who it is.
That’s when we meet her.
Sweet. Sexy. Submissive . . . Her.
She wants this bookstore—badly—and we want her even more.
But she isn’t interested in anything but the romance between the pages of her books.
So we offer her a boon.
Seven dates with us, and she can have the property she needs to make her dreams happen.
What she doesn’t know is that after one taste of her, we don’t plan on walking away ever.
We’ll convince this beautiful bookworm that mind-blowing passion is real and we’re the ones who can give it to her.

Doubling Down in Vegas – Two rival families. One bed. . .
I’m a mafia princess.
But that doesn’t stop my brother from screwing with me every damn chance he gets.
He’s played one too many games with my life—and now it’s my turn for a bit of revenge.
So how do I plan on besting one of the biggest mafia bosses on The Strip?
I’ll join forces with the Denalis brothers—his arch rivals—and save their empire from crumbling.
I expect a short revenge mission.
One to annoy this sh*t out of my overbearing brother and rattle his cage a bit.
But what I don’t expect is the lust they’re drawing from every inch of me…and the way my body craves their touch.
This is wrong.
And it can’t continue.
But I can’t seem to stop.
There’s no way this will end well . . .
They call us the ‘Kings of Sin’
and it’s not just cause we run Vegas like a well-oiled machine.
Our prowess in the bedroom has the women falling to their knees.
No, we own this town.
Brothers and heads of the Denalis’ family—we don’t take sh*t from no one.
With plenty of lackeys, lots of power, and almost everything a mafia family could want, we should be living it up.
But we’ve got a problem. A big one.
Our fortune is slowly sinking.
Things look bad—until she waltzes into our life.
Our enemies baby sister.
She claims she can solve all our problems, but we want more than just her ideas.
We plan on taking every inch of her . . . and making her permanently ours.

The Billionaires and The Author – This writer could never imagine a fantasy like this . . .
I have a secret.
A dirty, dark secret, no one can know about.
By day, I’m the good girl—a respected curator and librarian at the Rephar museum.
By night, I’m a romance writer, working towards my big break.
But I don’t write regular romance.
No. I write dirty, sinful, twisted, erotic romance.
The kind that could make a Porn-star blush.
No one knows about it.
Not my parents, my boss, or my roommate. And they can never find out.
My book “research” has given me some pretty hot fantasies, but I’ve never done anything more than imagine—until I enter a mysterious contest under my pen name, Destiny Fontiane—and meet them.
Kaden and Jared Montgomery, Chicago’s most eligible billionaire bachelors.
They’re dominant. Cocky. Demanding—and just my brand of twisted.
Suddenly, this ‘job’ goes far beyond any normal standards and soon enough, I find myself acting out all of my naughtiest desires with not one sexy billionaire—but TWO.
As the heirs to Montgomery Enterprises, life is pretty sweet.
The only problem?
We’re a bit . . . unconventional in our bedroom tastes.
All it took was one thrilling encounter in high school, and suddenly, we were hooked.
But not every woman wants to be shared between us, especially when it comes to signing a non-disclosure and being kept a secret from the world.
Truth is, we’re growing tired of the one-night hookup scene that our tastes attract.
That’s when we come up with bright idea of developing a publishing company under the Montgomery banner—one that specializes in erotic romance—as a way find a new lover who prefers ‘our way’ of doing things.
We expected to find some fun, adventurous women . . . but we never expected to meet her.
Krista aka Destiny, the delicious, good-girl librarian who writes the naughtiest tales you couldn’t even imagine.
Our risqué encounters are thoroughly satisfying and completely addictive; but now she’s changing our notions about what happily-ever-after can look like.
But secrets never last and when the truth comes out—it’ll either make us—or break us.

The Dom and the Intern – They call him The Enigma
A man whose face has never been seen.
He speaks through his work, and his work motivated me to make art my life.
But sitting here at twenty-four, taking public art classes and trying to get noticed in a sea of a million faces, my chances at success were dwindling. At least I thought they were.
And then came the internship.
And with it . . . Him
A once in a lifetime chance to stand in front of The Enigma and revel in his brilliance.
I had a lot of expectations, a lot of dreams of what that one six-week collaboration would bring, but I never imagined this.
As the days roll by and the lust takes over, his domination pulls me in. I feel blanketed by the control, yearning for his hand around my wrist, his forceful stare sending me to the brink of ecstasy.
Just when I think this might be more than an affair, the dark secrets tormenting him push him back into the shadows, away from me.
But even as I stand, covered in paint, barefoot in the darkness of his castle, his sinful eyes piercing my soul, I wonder if love just might be possible. . .

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