8 Books by Ella Goode (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

8 Books by Ella Goode (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

8 Books by Ella Goode
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Overview: Ella Goode, in conjunction with Ruby Dixon and Kati Wilde, is a contributor to the Motorcycle Club series. These are novellas for when you want all of the heat and emotion but don’t have all of the time.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


Make Me Yours – Everyone knows they belong together…except them.
Daphne Davidson has a problem. She broke up with her boyfriend a month ago and she still hasn’t found a date to her sister’s upcoming wedding. If she goes solo, she’ll be inundated with sly comments about how she can’t keep a man. They aren’t wrong. She can’t keep a man because she’s never dated the one she really loves—her best friend, Jack Reese.
Detective Jack Reese has been secretly in love with Daphne since he knew what love was. Yet she’s never shown any interest in him and he decided being friends was better than nothing. When he finds out that she’s diving into the pit of vipers she calls a family, he’s determined to protect her. Going undercover as Daphne’s date means holding her hand, kissing her lips, and pretending to be in love. The latter part isn’t hard. What’s tough is resisting the urge to claim her.

Three of Us – Olivia is ready for two things: college and her men.
Despite dating the Audley twins since she was fifteen, it’s been a chaste relationship. No matter how she tries to tempt them.
Her men haven’t even kissed her, and she’s tired of waiting. The minute she hits campus where the two men have been hiding out for the last two years while somehow still keeping tabs on her every move, she will shake their world.
Levi and Zeke made a promise to Olivia’s mom they wouldn’t touch her until she was ready. They’re not sure what that means, but they know they will wait forever just to have her. The problem is that Olivia keeps testing their vows. It’s hard not to give your girl what she wants when that’s all you’ve ever wanted to do.
The minute the clock turns midnight, though, all bets are off.

Bring Him Home – Delilah Howell grew up in a small country town but she’d always dreamed of going to the city that never sleeps. Even though she knew her parents wouldn’t approve of it, she’d made herself a promise that one day she’d go. There was something she had to find.
Drake Weston is used to getting what he wants. The problem is he hasn’t wanted for anything in a long time until a sweet country girl comes falling right into his lap. Except, she’s the daughter of the man he holds in the highest regard. Drake promised to keep her safe

Deuces Wild – Everyone thinks Carter is a jerk, even his teammates on the football team. The guy runs the locker room like they’re in the military, scowls at everyone on and off the field, and never, ever socializes with anyone at FU High. If Mallory had known any of this, maybe she wouldn’t have hid in his car that night after the Championship game but she was on the run and it was the first car she came across that was unlocked. But she didn’t know and now Carter won’t let her leave.
He says she’s a hassle but every time trouble comes around, Carter’s the first one to defend her. For a guy who says he hates people, he sure is nice to Mallory. She doesn’t know what to make of it, or him. He’s a wildcard, but, then again, so is Mallory. Perhaps the two of them are meant to be together. Carter seems to think so.

Priceless – Wall Street banker Major Bennington believes he can buy anything. When his mother mentions wanting a necklace crafted by an up and coming artisan named Maple London, he’s certain that all he needs to do is show up and write a check.
But Maple has other ideas. She doesn’t sell her jewelry to just anyone. The pieces she makes are for those who not only appreciate art but are good people. One look at Major and Maple knows he’s bad news.
Once Major meets Maple, he forgets about the necklace. The only thing he wants to acquire is Maple because he knows she’s priceless.

Oh Snowy Night – Oh! Snowy night the stars are brightly shining
It is the night of the lumberjack’s big fall
Long lay his heart in eternal slumber
Till she appeared and his soul felt enthralled
A thrill of hope the romance world rejoices
For yonder breaks a new and glorious tale
Swipe open your Kindles
And read the latest story
Of the slight surly Conn
And of Faith who brought new hope

Always Loved You – Orchard was traded for a shipyard. Her dad wanted money, and Heath wanted to expand his export business. Orchard was thrown in to sweeten the deal. At eighteen, she knew how to bargain for her life but not her freedom. Five years later, she wants out of the marriage. It’s no longer convenient for her heart, and if she stays one more day, she might not be able to find the courage to leave.
While Heath is willing to give Orchard everything—space, money, his body—he’ll never release her from their vows. To keep her, though, he’ll have to figure out how to turn the marriage of convenience into a marriage of love.

Rock n Roll Baby – Linc’s always had two loves—music and me. When his big break comes, though, it feels like he’s going to have to choose. I can’t be the one to hold him back so I’m going to keep a secret. He’ll hate me when he finds out, but I can’t crush his dream.
I’ve only ever had one love—Cherry. She’s the heart of my songs, the beat in my melodies. If I have to choose between music and her, she’d win every time. When my music blows up big on the scene, I need Cherry by my side. Only this time, she’s reluctant to leave home. I’ll need all of my songwriting skills to convince her that my guitar only sounds right when we’re together.

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Rock n Roll Baby


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