8 Books by Cynthia Dane (.ePUB)

8 Books by Cynthia Dane (.ePUB)

8 Books by Cynthia Dane
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Overview: Cynthia Dane spends most of her time writing in the great Pacific Northwest. And when she’s not writing, she’s dreaming up her next big plot and meeting all sorts of new characters in her head.
Genre: Erotic Romance


Christmas With Cassandra – Heiress Cassandra Welsh is back in town after a mysterious disappearance not so long ago. Rumors abound that the serial heartbreaker left with a bun in the oven and returns with a baby on her hip – but who is the father?
Join us as we check in with our favorite billionaire couples from 2016 and discover how each one of them is connected to Cassandra. Old friends, old lovers, and so much gossip that by the time everyone attends the annual Christmas Gala? The only topic between holiday getaways and plum pudding is Cassandra and the mysterious paternity of her child.
One of the men in Cynthia’s billionaire universe is about to find out he’s a dad. Who? And how will it affect his life (and relationship) going forward? There’s only one way to find out.

Up All Night: A True (Enough) Story – A true (enough) story, because sometimes real life is hotter than a fantasy!
I haven’t slept in a week. Because of my neighbor, you see. He’s up all night with his girlfriend having more sex than an adult film star, except they’re nowhere near as good at it. And with these thin walls, it’s safe to say I’m never going to sleep again.
So what does a lonely girl in Japan do when she’s bombarded with a lack of sleep and love on the brain?
She makes some questionable online dating decisions, of course!
Follow me, Cyndi, as I descend into some of the craziest days of my life. Dealing with creepy swipe-righters, fighting pharmacies for rubber prophylactics, getting lost in sleepy Japanese neighborhoods, staring at a bedazzled karaoke machine…
Oh, and meeting the one-night stand who would become the love of my life. And the perfect revenge against my ridiculous neighbor.
Grab a coffee and buckle up. This is gonna be a long car ride, and you’re my captive audience. I promise to make it good!

Empowered – She’s taking back what was stolen from her. He’s the bonus.
All I wanted was a love life…
Sarah Clayborn’s encounter with Lucas Blackbourne was supposed to be a one-time affair. A tenuous balm on her frigid heart that refuses to heal. But when she returns to work Monday morning and discovers that Lucas is helping her boss for the foreseeable future?
Two halves start to become whole again. And it’s not pretty.
Why the hell does he want me so much!
So begins the courtship that was never meant to be. Whether reading between the lines or between the sheets, Lucas has no idea who Sarah really is or what she’s been through. Nor does she know to what extent he’s willing to fight for the people he loves.
“What do you want, Angel?” he always asks me.
What does Sarah want? Choice. A future. A sense of belonging in a world often too cruel to bear.
To be empowered.
But she can’t reclaim her life on her own.

Their Courtesan – THE WOMAN
Judith King has seen it all in her 10+ years working in the carnal industries. Now, employed in one of the cushiest jobs at the exclusive Le Chateau, Judith faces her worst nightmare: her patron, the man responsible for over half her income, is packing up and leaving the country!
Doctor-turned-artist Seth Christens is suffering a serious funk. His canvases remain blank and his life devoid of the spark that makes it worth living. That changes when he meets Judith, the woman who instantly steals his heart – and his pocketbook! Seth doesn’t just want Judith to be his muse and model. He wants to become her patron, the one man in her life who gets to be more than her lover. His main competition is none other than Miguel Bolivar, the Monegasque billionaire who has just moved to America and is looking for a new… companion. Miguel’s broken heart is used to a life of escorts and other paid girlfriends who know that this is nothing more than business. Until he meets Judith. Which man will Judith choose? Or does she even have to choose? All’s fair in the war for Judith’s heart, even a ménage relationship with two men who haven’t met until now!

Just Friends – Neither of them wants romance.
Too bad that’s what they desperately need.
Rachel Taylor’s freelance business barely pays her own bills, let alone her mother’s. Her social life is confined to one friend working at the neighborhood coffee shop. And her love life? Duds and heartbreakers.
Then hot, young, and artistically talented Zachary Feldman walks into her life. Too bad she’s just made a vow of celibacy.
Sometimes what an old, broken heart needs is a second chance at love.
Playboy Zack, third son of the affluent Feldman Steel empire, doesn’t have a lot expected of him. Which is why he spends his whole day on his yacht when he’s not pursuing his next artistic endeavor.
Women are amusements. And no one amuses him more than Rachel, the beguiling woman he meets in a quiet coffee shop.
“I’m not ashamed to say I’m halfway to loving you.”
A game of hard to get culminates with Rachel agreeing to one thing: being “just friends” with a man who has made his intentions clear.

Now & Forever – What do you do when everything – and yet nothing – changes?
Seven years ago, bartender Gwen met a customer who would change her life forever. The charming and handsome James Merange, the only child of a local business dynasty, won her heart and convinced her to become his one and only.
Too bad his family – and one other – had different ideas.
Over seven years, Gwen had learned that she has no power in her partner’s family. If they want the perfect, genetically engineered grandson of their dreams, they get it – even if it means going behind James and Gwen’s back to inseminate an old childhood friend. If they want to humiliate the woman who Never Belonged, they find a way. And if they want Gwen gone?
No amount is too little to get rid of Gwen Mitchell.
While James balances surprise fatherhood with the love of his life, Gwen debates whether it’s best to stay with the man she loves and trusts unlike any other… or to leave, effectively closing that chapter of her life.
But James isn’t about to let her go. Now, and forever.

A Billion Reasons Why – A wayward billionaire looking for love. An activist who also happens to write the most scorching dark romance novels to ever hit the bookshelves. Every time they think they’re clicking, they’re reminded of the differences that shackle them to the same old lives.
That’s what happens when Phoebe Dahl walks into the office of Preston Bradley, the man who owns her publisher. What’s a mere formality for her turns into the best day of Preston’s life.
Because he’s found the one.
Phoebe’s distrust of capitalism and drive to help those less fortunate than her puts her at instant odds with the man who lives by himself in a huge mansion in Portland’s affluent hills.
Yet he wants her. He’s pretty sure she wants him too. Otherwise, how is she ending up in his bed?
But there’s one thing Preston doesn’t know about Phoebe. He’s not her first ride at the billionaire boyfriend rodeo… and the last rich boyfriend nearly destroyed her ability to love.
While Phoebe plugs away at her next bestseller, Preston comes up with a plan to prove to her – and the world – that they are destined to be together.
Even if there are a billion reasons telling them to give it up.

Purchase Power – She’ll do anything for a story…
Lucy’s dream of becoming a hotshot freelance writer is about to come true. The New York native has scored the opportunity of a lifetime, with the opportunity to auction herself off to the highest bidder in one of the city’s most upscale, exclusive clubs for the wealthy.
In exchange, she gets fair monetary compensation… and a story to launch her career.
His secrets are too closely guarded to tell…
Noah Gabriel would rather be anywhere than at this event on his thirtieth birthday. Yet when the reclusive, brooding billionaire sees Lucy for the first time, he knows he must have her. At any price.
Yet his brash actions put him into a precarious predicament. He must find a way to move Lucy into his home without alerting her to one person nobody – and that means nobody outside of Gabriel Manor – knows exists.
Passion, desire, and love come to a cataclysmic head…
The moment Lucy moves into Gabriel Manor, all she sees are reflections of her favorite Victorian novel. Yet this is no Thornfield Hall, and she is no virtuous Jane. Nor is her hero hiding a woman in the attic of his home…
As everything builds between them and the world collapses beyond the manor’s doors, Lucy and Noah fight for an affection they never anticipated. Only to have it all come crashing down because someone can’t get her story straight.
Lucy is about to learn the true power of money. Namely, how it ruins everyone it touches.

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