7 Novels by Dani Wyatt (.ePUB)+

7 Novels by Dani Wyatt (.ePUB)+

7 Novels by Dani Wyatt
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Overview: Since I was a little girl, I’ve made up stories. I would lay in my bed at night and before I knew what a trope was, I would make up these trope filled stories. Boy sees girl, boys falls for girl, boy saves girl….happily ever after. As I got older, the stories turned steamier and more intricate, but the basics never changed.
Genre: Romance


Promise: Some promises are made to be broken. And others start out that way. Promise Henderson knows all about being broken. She’s a down-on-her-luck former foster kid who needs to figure out how to get her brother into her custody before the State of Ohio ruins his life forever. Enter Beckett Fitzgerald. A SEAL with a scarred face, a bad sense of humor and no place to call home. He has another asset though. A big one. For ten years he’s tried to forget the girl with snow white hair and an angels eyes, but when fate throws her into his path once again, his obsession turns possessive and sparks fly. Only, Promise has a Judas by her side vying for her heart and Beckett needs to reveal the truth before he loses her forever. Debts of the past come calling and Beckett shows her just how far he’s willing to go to protect what is his.

What If: When blind date number twenty-eight turned into a barfight with me throwing the first punch, I was about ready to give up on the idea of love. That’s when a six-foot four wall of muscle scooped me up, took over my fight and made sure number twenty-eight got a lesson in how to treat a lady.

Next thing I know, I’m breaking my number one rule. Nothing more than a kiss on a first date. Only, my knight in shining armor isn’t really a date. He’s the one that saved me from my date, so the rules don’t apply, right? At least that’s what I’m telling myself as he’s got me pinned against the wall, the scent of a thousand orchids in the air, whispering all the filthy, delicious things he’s about to do to me. What could possibly go wrong? Unfortunately, a lot and all my fantasies of happily ever after evaporate when I realize my past is the very thing that will ruin his future.

The One: It’s impossible to know when you find the one from a photo, right?
In a matter of thirty seconds, all my years knowing I’d die alone evaporate. Work is my life. My oil rigs are my girlfriends, my wives, and they take all of my time.
The woman I see looking back at me on my phone screen is also about to become my step-sister. Turns out, she has nearly as much interest in a relationship as I did before her ice blue eyes melted my frozen heart. The most challenging job of my life is to convince her we were made for each other.
There’s a storm brewing from the past. Old losses turn to new grudges and they threaten to ruin everything. She’s too good for me. Too smart. Too everything. But, she’s mine, and I’ll breathe my dying breath making sure we get our shot. When you find the one, you just know.

Preacher’s Daughter: I’ve tried so very hard to be good. Papa does not tolerate disobedience and I would never go against his wishes. That’s until, Ash Thompson tracks me down and tell me all the things he is going to do for me. All the things he wants to do to me.
He’s the devil tempting me from the outside. Papa says money makes people evil, but Ash Thompson’s eyes tell me otherwise. His sinful touch has me ready to taunt the devil and lay waste to my purity.
Only, the preacher’s daughter has obligations. There is no way I could go against my upbringing. Or could I?

YES, DADDY: Driving down a dark street in blinding rain, I hit something.
That something turns out to be Esme Tremain. She’s running from someone, but I’m going to be sure she doesn’t run from me.
With one look at those red lips and mouthwatering curves, I’m instantly obsessed. When I tell her she belongs to me and she answers with, ‘Yes, Daddy’, her fate is sealed.

I’ll protect her.
I’ll possess her.
I’ll do anything for her.

Only, this sweet, smart intern at the DA’s office doesn’t know who I really am. I walk on the other side of the law and our differences may be the fire that burns the bridge between us. What she doesn’t know is, once I take all of her, I’m never letting her go.

Hold On: I’m the deal maker. The winner. The ice man. Nothing phases me.
Until now.
For the first time in my life, I’m nervous. I’m afraid I might lose. Because the deal I want to make with this sweet doll that showed up to pet-sit my grumpy ass bulldog is the most important one of my life. In the span of ten minutes she’s made my dick hard. Made my heart come to life. Made my soul take flight.

I would be the stupidest man alive to let her go. She’s barely a breeze over eighteen and I know I’m too old for her but I don’t care. When you know, you know. And man, do I know. Only, there’s someone else that wants what’s mine. And in the end, if he can’t have her, he’s going to make sure no one does. But it’s my duty to fight for what I love—and I don’t fight fair.

BABY: Ryder can’t forget her. Chloe is his everything.
She’s awakened something inside of him he didn’t know existed. He will be her Daddy and she will always be his Baby.
Other evil forces work to keep them apart. But, Ryder will topple kingdoms and scorch the earth for his precious babygirl.
Author’s note: This book contains strong Daddy and babygirl elements. If this is not your thing, this book may not be for you.

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