7 books by Kelly Kitano (.ePUB)+

7 books by Kelly Kitano (.ePUB)+

7 books by Kelly Kitano
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Genre: Fiction>Erotic


BBC at The Gym (A Novelette)
Nadia, the base commander’s daughter and a pharmaceutical representative, meets Greg, an older black man at the base gym a week prior to her wedding. She discovers a new passion and it becomes like a huge elephant in the room while on her honeymoon in Hawaii. How far will the model like blond go to satisfy her new needs and desires.

BBC at The Pool! (A Novelette)
Veterinarian student Carol Warburg’s life is about to change.
When Carol teaches swim lessons to an older black man, her boundaries are tested. She learns a new meaning for how to “float” on her back.
Her mother, Jenny, spurned by her daughter’s recent liveliness and energy, decides she wants whatever it is her daughter is having!
An interracial story based on a true encounter.

Akako in India
Akako is living her dream of traveling the world. Her husband, who is working in India for a large defense contractor, invites her to visit him at an Indian air base. Her husband assigns his aide, a tall black captain, to join on her visit to the Taj Mahal. As a courtesy, the Indian Air Force arranges a gorgeous Bollywood actress and two Indian airmen to escort them on their India trip. They have an instant connection and things heat up.

The Japanese Secret Hotwife
Yuko and Tojo have everything . . . great jobs with a Japanese subsidiary in Silicon Valley. They have been married for three years when Yuko discovers a secret on Tojo’s iPad. Read how their marriage is changed forever as Yuko takes on a secretive role unleashing her deepest, darkest fantasies. Luckily those fantasies overlap with Tojo’s secret.

Japanese Dark Hunger: Jamaican Juice
Junko and Tadao have the perfect marriage, but what happens when Junko accidently, while flying to Jamaica, discovers interracial erotica on her husband’s IPad throws a new meaning to the word obedience for Junko. Fortunately for Junko, Jamaica is the ideal location to begin becoming the “perfect wife” for Tadao.

Japanese Hotwife in Jamaica
Yuko did not mean to join the the blond college girls at the club . . . but her husband, Tojo, coaxed her. She was overjoyed that he was finally in the game. All of Tojo’s fantasies were coming true.

Bollywood Cha in San Francisco (A Novelette)
Bollywood actress Cha Chowdhury finally gets a break from her busy filming schedule in India with a quick lay-over in San Francisco before traveling on to Hollywood. She is met at the airport by her Japanese friend Akako and together they explore the ‘wild side’ of the Tenderloin. Cha spends the night with Akako in her Bay Area home. Akako’s black gardeners are men that know exactly what they want, and Cha promptly discovers she has a taste for following their every command. Before leaving for Hollywood she establishes feelings of irrestible lust with a beautiful blond named Cindy.
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