6 books by Sable Collins (.ePUB)+

6 books by Sable Collins (.ePUB)+

6books by Sable Collins
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Overview: About Sable Collins
Writer. Reader. Nympho. I write about dubious consent, cuckolding, lactation, lesbians, interracial sex and whatever else that strikes my fancy. I write stories to get people off.
Genre: Fiction>Erotic


My Swinging Confession
Helen and Jack have an idyllic marriage. They live in a beautiful house in a pleasant part of town and everything between them is perfect. Well, almost perfect.
There is one secret, one dark fantasy that Helen thought would never come true, until they meet a couple who push their boundaries and turn desire into reality.

Hucow Hostel
Annie is an unhappy college graduate eking out a living as a waitress in the city. On the spur of the moment, she decides to take a trip to Europe.
As she wanders through the beautiful countryside, she comes across a hostel; a hostel that hides a deep, astounding secret.
Will Annie ever return to the safety of her apartment, or is she destined for a different kind of life altogether?

Blacked Wives: Big Black Christmas Present (My Hubby Gives Me A Hall Pass)
Sarah loves her husband, Mike, but as the heat fades from their marriage, she turns to her innermost fantasies, exploring her enduring lust for an interracial encounter.
One day, Mike surprises her with a proposition, a proposition that will make her dreams come true. Will she remain the faithful, frustrated wife, or will she take the plunge and face her desires?

Experimentally Overflowing
Kelly is a struggling, beautiful young artist trapped in the deadbeat town of Twin Falls, Minnesota. When an opportunity to swipe some fast cash comes along in the form of testing a new hormone drug, she doesn’t stop twice to think about the implications of a HORMONE INDUCED RACK will have in the experiment room.

He Follows
Martin and Karen are a typical suburban couple, living a comfortable if passionless marriage, life, troubled only by the fact that Martin has a big secret that is weighing him down with guilt, but a chance encounter with a mysterious man is about to change all that. In the course of one extraordinary day, Martin follows the mysterious man as he visits the houses of several married women throughout town.
But what happens when Martin follows the mysterious man to his own house?
Martin is about to learn a great deal about himself, his marriage, and what it takes to be a man.

Train Her
Jennifer is determined to lose the weight she put on during her pregnancy so she hires a personal trainer.
Little does Jennifer know that her personal trainer, Lisa, is an old schoolmate who she terrorized back in high school.
Now the shoe is on the other foot and Lisa is out for revenge. It’s late, the gym is empty, and Jennifer is about to get the workout of her life, whether she wants it or not…

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