6 Books by Miranda Bailey (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

6 Books by Miranda Bailey (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

6 Books by Miranda Bailey
Requirements: ePUB/azw3 Reader, 1 mb 138 KB | 2019 Reissue
Overview: What makes your mind tick over? What gives you a thrill and what scares you? What do you secretly wish when you’re all alone and nobody is around to judge you? These are the things that interest me and drive my writing. If anything were possible what would you dream? For me the stories of others are the most fascinating and a lifetime of making up scenarios for people as I sat people watching in a park, on the train, or even sitting at an outdoor cafe come to life in my work. I hope you can find something to enjoy about the world my own mind creates…
Genre: Erotic Romance


Secrets – An open marriage, kept secret from the only woman that ever mattered, until she’s on the verge of breaking.
Then, and only then, are all of the secrets revealed.
Will this unusual couple break young Alayna, or give her more than she could have ever hoped for?
Alayna, has a secret or two of her own, secrets that make her a part of the others, those that hide in the shadows. She escaped those shadows, and her pack, but can she escape her own desire?
Daniel, has quite a few secrets, himself. Ones he doesn’t plan to reveal.
Antanasia, with the biggest secret of them all, has control of the string in this marionette play. But how will she pull them in the end?
Secrets abound, but can they be unraveled?

Real Wolf Wanted – Shaila has everything a woman could want. A billionaire lifestyle, all the advantages that money could buy, and a life that others can only dream about. Yet, it’s not what she dreams about in her sleep, it’s not what she longs for throughout endless days of charity balls and garden parties. What she truly wants is a real man.
The kind of man that sweats to earn a dollar, the kind of man that knows a woman is there to be a partner, not a trophy. The kind of man that knows how to keep a woman happy in his bed.
In a moment of madness, she leaves the glamourous life behind and runs right into the man of her dreams. But is Shaila really ready for the simple life? And is the man of her dreams far more than he seems?

My Cupid is Stupid – Cupid just wants to help this Valentine’s Day!
Feisty. Stubborn. Strong-willed? You bet she is!
Emma goes for what she wants in life.
Including leaving England for the American boy that stole her heart.
Unfortunately, Cupid has been neglecting her…
After an awful breakup, Emma no longer believes in love.
Until Cupid decides to make it up to her.
Cupid wants to find someone for her. The right someone.
Flowers. Cards. Emails.
As nice as it all sounds, it’s starting to creep Emma out a little.
She’s started to worry about her own safely!
She’s also started to wonder…What does Cupid have planned for her this time round?

Sounds of the Night (2019)– The world has died, but love remains. Time has left the survivors with an overabundance of goods, but scarce resources when it comes to trusting new people. Are they friend or foe? Even as the undead population declines, the question remains: can you trust the living with those you love? For Isadora and Jacob, life offered new opportunities for the kind of love that wouldn’t have been accepted in the old world, when their best friend, Samuel, finds his way to them. But this is the new world. A world where death waits outside, so you’d better take what you can get. A chance encounter with a breathtakingly beautiful woman, a man with evil in his eyes, and a choice await Isadora, Jacob, and Samuel. Is survival more important than love, and can love survive after those choices have been made?
This book was previously published as the When the World Ends Series. It has been rewritten and compiled into one book for those that are 18+ and looking for a little more than the boy meets girl, saves her, and the world, variety of post-apocalyptic romance.

Bear Club – I don’t need a savior, I’m going to save myself.
Until my car breaks down and, well, dang. Who will save me now?
When I see a light up ahead, I race straight for it, and walk into the most amazing place I’ve ever seen.
Travis and Quinn are there, as if they’d always been there, waiting for me.
Their devilish grins and bedroom eyes hold promises I’m not sure I can turn down.
My life is mapped out, I shouldn’t deviate from that map.
But I can’t help it.
Who wants a life of drudgery when you can have the delicious Travis AND Quinn?
My future is on the line, and so is a secret I’ve hidden all my life.
Something tells me, these two are worth losing it all.

Christmas Hero: Unwrapping the Dragon 2019– I have one goal this Christmas: make it to the chalet I rented in Switzerland so that I can escape my past and have a peaceful Christmas. Fate has other plans for me, plans that could very well ruin the whole holiday!
Enter Gareth, one very hot, very intriguing stranger who saves the day.
We’re total strangers, but something has drawn us together. There’s no fighting it, so should I even try? How can I when Gareth has flames in his eyes? Flames that only I can see.
It looks like I’ll be unwrapping more than a hero for Christmas, and I have to admit, I’m intrigued. What secrets is he hiding? How long can I hide my own?
Author’s note: This is the re-written, re-imagined story of The Hunk That Saved Christmas.

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Christmas Hero: Unwrapping the Dragon (2019)


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