6 books by Lara Longstaff (.ePUB)+

6 books by Lara Longstaff (.ePUB)+

6 books by Lara Longstaff
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Overview: About Lara Longstaff
My hobbies are many and varied, but first among them are girls who have “something extra”! While I mostly prefer to fantasize about other futanari and such, sometimes my mood swings and I really get the urge to reverse roles with a cute guy, so most of my stories are of one of those two themes.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Shemale Honey Pot: An Erotic Spy Thriller
International super-spy Stefan has been tasked with running the famed “Honey Pot” mission. He’s faced guns and goons, terrorists and traps, but can he handle his sexy transgender partner from America? This story features a tough, suave Swedish agent joining forces with an incredibly well-endowed and quite “assertive” and “active” shemale. Enjoy the intrigue and the hot steamy aftermath!

High Heel Challenge: (Crossdressing, First Time Gay. sissy, forced-femme)
Dakota was a cocky little guy who loved to tease Hannah about her shoes. The young woman was his best friend’s sister, and has finally had enough of Dakota’s teasing. She issues a challenge. Can the cocky young man handle a full day in heels? The challenge awaits.

[/b]Weakness for Blondes: (Shemale on Male, Voyeur) [/b]
Cute petite Lindsey had the hottest boyfriend on campus. Kyle was tall, athletic, and handsome, the Big Man on Campus. The little brunette did all she could to please her man, despite the wandering eye he seemed to have for buxom blondes!
One night she’d had enough and followed him on one of his late night jaunts, only to find him entering rather upscale nightclub catering to transwomen and their admirers!
A short little erotic tale of a woman who catches her boyfriend in a very compromising position with a well-endowed, dominant blonde shemale.

The Dame Who Wasn’t
Joe Crane was a down on his luck private detective. Allison Davenport was a cute little rich girl with a couple of secrets. She needed him to locate her disappeared lover, the sultry Linda Loving.
Joe’s mission takes him to a seedy dive, where he discovers the truly HUGE secret hiding in the sexy singer’s panties!

The Girl at the Museum
Sassy blonde college student Lori recalls the day she met the beautiful and extremely feminine young transwoman Mia at the local art museum. The chance encounter leads to friendship and much more as both young ladies learn to expand their horizons.

Futanari Homewrecker
Poor Heather. Sure, she’s blonde, busty, and gorgeous. Sure she’s married to a great guy with a great guy who treats her like a princess. Only Heather has a problem. Her best friend Gloria has a crush on her, big time. And sweet, bubbly little redheaded Gloria isn’t a normal woman! She’s a lusty futanari determined to get the woman of her dreams!
A nasty, kinky hardcore cuckold tale featuring a straight girl discovering her lesbian side with a super-sized futanari girl!

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