6 Books by Darcy Dawes (.ePUB)

6 Books by Darcy Dawes (.ePUB)

6 Books by Darcy Dawes
Requirements: epub reader, 732 kb
Overview: Darcy Dawes writes hot erotic romance and guarantees over-the-top heroes, insta-lust, and HEAs.
Genre: Romance


Playing Pretend– It’s been done a million times before. Woman hires man to be her fiancé.
Except it’s different this time. Nora doesn’t need to hire anyone. Her best friend Nate is more than happy to step in to save her embarrassment when she has to attend the wedding of her ex-husband.
Nate has been there through everything with Nora—including her crappy divorce. He doesn’t understand why she needs to prove anything to her ex but he’ll do anything for his best friend. Especially if it means time alone with her…
But sharing a suite for two in beautiful Hawaii triggers feelings Nora never knew existed. Nate can’t keep his hands off her and she seems to be having the same problem.
Friends with benefits will be easy right? After all, they just need to be honest with each other and no one will be hurt.
But Nate wants more then friends with benefits. He wants her to be his…forever. Can he persuade her this is more then just pretend?

Submission and the Billionaire – Cassie has no idea who the gorgeous and arrogant new guy at work is. Nor does she care. This is her first job ever and she needs the money badly so the most important thing to do is keep her head down.
But the arrogant Liam is determined to rile her up and cause trouble.
It gets worse, though.
Liam is more than a co-worker. He’s the owner of the company. And for some reason he wants her to work under him.
She can’t say no to the money but it’s soon obvious he hopes she wants to work under him in more ways that one. The man is irresistible but can this curvy virgin keep hold of her heart too?

Fallen – I’m working for the enemy. I’m only meant to distract Erik Storm for a little while. The problem is…he’s more distracting than ever. I’m falling for him. And now I’m screwed.
I thought I could make the best of a bad deal but turns out not only is Erik Storm a sexy, fantastic-in-bed billionaire, he has the heart of a saint too.
I need to come clean. And I will. Just as soon as I can. But how can I tell the man I’m falling for that I tried to screw him over? That I’m working for the man who is trying to force him out of his company?
Especially when he makes me feel things I’ve never felt before.

Paying His Debt – Everyone knows Jackson Patera—even Kindergarten school teacher Freya Grace.
But she never expects him to show up at her door.
Demanding money.
Freya is struggling to get by as it is. Now Jackson himself is asking her to cover her brother’s gambling debt to him. She can’t pay him back with money but when it becomes clear he can’t keep his eyes off her voluptuous curves, she makes an offer she never really thought he’d accept.
Now she’s his. At least for the next few weeks.

Down n’ Dirty – My hands are always dirty.
And I can’t help but want to mess her up.
Callie De Luca, daughter of my boss. Totally out of my reach and far too good for me.
But every day she saunters into my garage in those sexy high heels and tight skirts. She’s all curves and I need to be leaving my fingerprints all over her.
Cute little Callie must not know what’s good for her, though, because apparently she wants a dirty mechanic in her bed.
She’s worth the risk of pissing off her dad but whether I’ll live long enough to enjoy her is another thing.

Oversized – Noah has a problem that plenty of men would like.
He’s big.
Too big.
And what many men would think of as a blessing turns into a major curse. Noah’s got to be one of the only thirty-six-year- old virgins around.
Then the ridiculous sexy Maggie moves in next door and he can’t help but wonder…can she manage his size?
Curvaceous Maggie is trying to move on from her ex. With years of abusive words ringing in her ears, she can’t believe the gorgeous Noah is remotely interested in her. But how can she resist the handsome teacher with a heart of gold?
Things soon start to heat up between them but something is stopping Noah from going all the way, leaving Maggie desperate—and worried. What if her ex was right about her?
Can Noah show Maggie how much she means to him…without scaring her away?

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