5x Books by Kimberly Hunter (.ePUB)

5x Books by Kimberly Hunter (.ePUB)

5x Books by Kimberly Hunter
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Overview: About Kimberly Hunter: Hmm, about me… Well, not too much to tell. I was a reader before I ever became a writer. I live in a small town in North Carolina with my hubby and our extremely spoiled German shepard. My son is grown, out on his own, and starting a family of his own. Still don’t feel like a grandma. I write erotica, paranormal, futuristic, comtemporary, and m/m.
Genre: Paranormal Romance MM / Romance MM


1. Secrets & Truths:
For untold centuries, the history of the Regem Lupus, the Wolf King, and his Regem Conjugem, the Royal Consort, have been hidden. Many times they have surfaced, putting the Pack back in order. Only to have it all fall apart again after their deaths.
Until now.
This is the personal account of Caleb Lamont and Jett Valen. Told in their own words, follow along with them and discover how an ordinary human and a powerful Alpha Prime learn of their birthright, their heritage, and most importantly, their destiny.
So in the immortal words of Caleb Lamont, “Buckle up, bitches! It’s going to be a wild ride!”

2. Rescued by Love:
A soldier home from hell. A furry, lost friend. A last request.
When you’re at war, there’s always the risk of never making it home. Of losing friends and team mates. For Graham Knowles, losing his brother to one last mission is the ultimate loss. But instead of drowning in grief, there’s a last request. Find Jake.
Being the accountant for his uncle’s no kill shelter, Wyatt Daniels has seen more than his fair share of animals processed and placed in new homes. But when a beautiful German Shepard with soulful eyes and more smarts than most people comes through, well, he can’t resist. He takes the sweet boy home.
Finally tracking down Jake, Graham gets more than his furry friend back. He meets the man of his dreams. Wyatt feels the connection too. However, his track record with men is rocky at best. Undaunted, Graham promises to go slow despite wanting Wyatt so bad, his teeth ache.
Unfortunately, not all are happy that Wyatt and Graham are dating. And when Wyatt is kidnapped, Graham has to use every skill at his disposal to get him back. Even at the risk of losing his new job working for Uncle Sam.

3. Myths, Mayhem, & Sweet Tea
Ancient gods. Mother Earth. And the greatest power of all.
Long ago, man was ruled by superstition, worshipping the Gods of Land, Sea, and Air. It was comfort and security. But modern man has evolved, relegating the gods to myth and legend. They’re not real.
Or are they?
Being a god isn’t easy. Loki should know. Play one harmless prank on the All Father and you’re branded for eternity. Add in arrogant pantheons and a secret only but a few know, then its little wonder he’s lived the majority of his long life among the humans. And romantic entanglements? Uh, no.
There’s a saying about gift horses. A shame that didn’t pertain to Creed Donahue’s latest assignment. At least he wasn’t freezing his balls like the last one. Then again, meeting Loki, the Loki, has him thinking more about his sanity than any shit assignment.
The Sleepers must never be free.
Fate has a way of balancing the scales. Whether it’s justice, vengeance, or love, no one is exempt. Not even the gods. Because change is coming. For Creed and Loki, their epic tale of battle, love and loss, is just the beginning.

4. Once in a Blue Moon
Vowing to never take a mate, Nikolas Zannig has denied his nature. Always on the move, he wants to avoid the fate his parents suffered.
Devon Saunders has one last night to find his mate or be forever alone.
It’s the night of the Blue Moon, a night when fates are sealed and true love is found. But can Nik overcome his fear and let Devon in?
It’s a Once in a Blue Moon chance the lover’s will have to take.

5. My House Boy Elf
It’s the Christmas season and two of Santa’s elves have a very special mission. Bring two deserving souls together for the ultimate gift ~ True love.
Trace Moore has been alone and on his own since his parents kicked him out at age seventeen. Now 22, the only thing he wants for Christmas is a new place to live since he’s being evicted.
Donovan Eliot has wealth, respect, and security. What he doesn’t have is someone to share it all with. But losing his lover and best friend to prostate cancer three years prior has made Donovan wary of getting back into the dating pool.
That all changes when he spies a gorgeous little man dressed as a sexy elf working in his club.
The attraction is instant for these two, but can old wounds and insecurities be overcome?
With a sprinkle of Christmas magic, anything is possible.

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