5 Novels by Nicole Fox (.ePUB)+

5 Novels by Nicole Fox (.ePUB)+

5 Novels by Nicole Fox
Requirements: .ePUB/AZW3 Reader, 9.1 MB
Overview: Author writes standalone contemporary bad boy romance. Features hot sex between consenting adults. It also includes bonus novels so you never have to stop reading!
Genre: Romance


Griz: She’s a liability I can’t afford… and a temptation I can’t ignore.
I didn’t ask for another thing to worry about.
Especially not the hot, distracting mess that is Tanner Williams.
But when she challenges my authority, I don’t have a choice.
I need to bring out the chains and truly make her mine.
I could kill my VP for putting me in this mess.
There’s a way things should be done.
And this sure as hell wasn’t it.

Throwing a kidnapped beauty across my bed?
Calling her “the spoils of war”?
It’s more than I asked for.
Sure, she might be the sexiest thing I’ve ever laid eyes on.
But I’ve got a daughter at home and a club to run.
Not to mention a war looming on the horizon.
I can’t afford distractions like Tanner Williams.
But she’s mine now, whether I like it or not.
And when she starts giving me lip, the last of my patience disappears.
I’m gonna tighten her leash…
And show her who she belongs to now.

She’s responsible for my family’s nightmare.
Not that she cares.
Emily West has no clue who I am – yet.
But by the time I’m finished with her, she’ll be moaning my name.

She thought she was safe in her corporate skyscraper.
But nothing can stop me from getting my revenge.

The things she did drove my brother to madness.
To her, he’s just a number on an accident report.
Easy to ignore.
Easy to forget.

But I won’t be ignored. I won’t be forgotten.
Miss West is going to pay for her crimes.
With her mouth, her body, the last of her innocence…
I won’t rest until I own her.
This won’t be over until she takes me as her master.

And he’s about to give it to me…
All of it.
All of him.
All. Night. Long.
I play with fire for a living.
But Wheeler Blake is hotter than anything I’ve ever touched before.
He stands out in the front row of my performance.
There’s no one else like him.
With those tats, those muscles, and those eyes that seem to strip me naked right then and there…
I can’t help but notice him.
And I know for a fact that he’s noticed me, too.
Because I didn’t expect to end my evening on the back of his bike.
But once Wheeler gets an idea in his head, there’s no turning back.
He doesn’t just want one taste, or one night.
He wants to give me the one thing I’ve been missing my whole life.
But a man like him comes with demons on his trail.
And Wheeler’s demons are looking for any way they can to hurt him.
Unfortunately, their sights have landed on me.
To be more specific, they’ve landed on Wheeler’s baby in my belly.
I’ve danced with fire for a long time.
But it wasn’t until now that I truly got burned.

Ace in the Hole: I can’t believe this virgin brat just tried to kill me.
I’m Gabriel Moretti, hitman for the Moretti crime family.
I’ve killed more men than she’s had periods.
And this little b*tch just tried to poison my drink.
But I caught her in the act, and I don’t give a damn how fine she is – she’s gonna pay.
Too bad the don tells me to keep my hands to myself.
He must not know how tempting it is to run them over Colleen’s curvy body.
How bad I want to coax moan after moan from between those plump lips.
I’ve had just about every gorgeous woman this town has to offer, and yet…
Something about her is different.
Maybe it’s because she’s so utterly helpless.
Tied up in this safe house with me, her Italian mafia daddy can’t come to the rescue.
But the longer we spend locked in together, the more my attitude changes.
Her innocence is burning away the darkness I’ve kept buried inside for so long.
And maybe, just maybe, by the time we make it out of this chaos…
We’ll find a light at the end of the tunnel.

Spirited: Tatum had an uncomplicated life plan, serve Silke, goddess of Light in her splendid temple. After a few years of servitude, she envisioned a life of peace, healing her neighbors. Nobody mentioned acolytes were servants. Days and nights of cleaning, serving, and worshiping Silke in her white temple. Everything is white! Until the Darklord brought smudgy fingerprints and muddy footprints to his sister’s impossibly sterile temple. Keir, god of Darkness, arrived to select his bride. Tatum thought it was a wonderful idea, less cleaning for her until she caught his brilliant eyes. Her simple plan switched to a complicated game of runaway brides, menacing gods, sultry nights, and alluring promises.

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