5 Books by Lane Cossett (.ePUB)

5 Books by Lane Cossett (.ePUB)

5 Books by Lane Cossett
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Overview: I have an odd habit of humming songs that, later, I realise, have something to do with the situation I’m in. I first noticed it when, as a teenage boy, I realised I was both lost on the Paris Metro, and singing the Beatles song “Help”.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


Pemberley Strife
Whose word can they trust? Mr. Darcy has never encountered a woman like Elizabeth Bennet. Her actions and words are not those he expects of a gentlemen’s daughter.
Elizabeth dislikes Mr. Darcy’s arrogance and pride. She can’t understand why people speak so highly of him when there’s evidence he’s a fraud.
With troubles on the Pemberley Estates, accusations of wrongdoing are made from all sides, until a near-tragedy forces Darcy and Elizabeth to see each other differently.
But will two people with so much antipathy in their history, ever trust their feelings or each other enough to plan a future together?

Return to Pemberley
No money, no friends, no future … A shocking event leaves Mr. Darcy in despair and trusting no one.
She never doubted his innocence… Elizabeth Bennet goes to great lengths to help the man she loves.
But will a man who places pride above all else ever return her love or acknowledge what she has done?

A Loyal Friend
Does true love really exist?
Elizabeth thinks so, and she’s determined not to marry until she finds it.
But Elizabeth’s world is changing. With her parents dead, she’s forced to earn a living and she worries her chance for love has been lost forever.
Distrustful of the fairer sex, Mr. Darcy has always prided himself on being immune to the charms of women – that is until he meets Miss Elizabeth Bennet. Immediately drawn to her wit and beauty Darcy soon dreams of her becoming his wife and the mistress of Pemberley.
Stunned to discover Mr. Darcy has feelings for her, Elizabeth’s delight is tempered when loyalty to a friend threatens their hopes of a future together.

The Bennet Family Secrets
Every family has its secrets … and the Bennets are no different.
When Elizabeth Bennet is trapped at Netherfield for two days with Mr. Darcy and Miss Bingley she considers them some of the worst days of her life. However, much worse is to come. As tragedy strikes the Bennets and family secrets are revealed Elizabeth finds herself seeking help from the one man who despises her – Mr. Darcy.
Will he come to her rescue or will he consider her irresponsible nature has caused her current misfortune?
The Bennet Family Secrets is a sweet and clean Regency Romance of over ninety-five thousand words.

The Elusive Mr. Darcy
With few eligible men in Meryton, Elizabeth Bennet has long anticipated meeting Mr. Bingley’s friend Mr. Darcy, but the man himself remains elusive. When they do finally meet Elizabeth is disappointed by his taciturn manner and she struggles to decide whether he is a friend or foe.
Fitzwilliam Darcy has never met a woman like Miss Elizabeth Bennet and he finds himself attracted and aggravated by her in equal measure. But any hopes he has of a future with her are dashed by his own clumsiness and her antipathy towards him.
Determined to clear up any misunderstandings between them, Darcy is shocked to discover an unexpected

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