5 Books by Christina Shelly (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

5 Books by Christina Shelly (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

5 Books by Christina Shelly (Nexus)
Requirements: .ePUB, .AZW reader, 2.24MB | Retail
Overview: Christina Shelly is the author of The Secret Self, Secret Embrace, Secret Slavery and Silken Servitude.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic | BDSM


The Secret Self (Nexus):
Since his teenage years, Adam has struggled with a terrible, inescapable truth: he is hiding the secret of a distinctly feminine self from the world. Following a startling adventure with a much loved and very beautiful aunt, Adam spends twelve years nurturing this self in the privacy of his home. But now he has moved to a new city and been accepted into one of the country’s most exclusive transvestite clubs, the Crème de la Crème. This, however, is only the beginning of a journey that will see Adam’s secret self finally revealed in a series of highly erotic adventures and startling revelations. The Secret Self is a deeply sensuous and detailed study of the psychology of a tormented and beautiful transvestite and also an exciting thriller. It will enthral cross dressers and their admirers everywhere.

Silken Slavery (Nexus):
Chris is a thirty-year-old transvestite. He is firmly ‘in the closet’ and spends his evenings alone in his exclusive London apartment, yearning for understanding female company. His shyness with women is a problem, particularly at work where he supervises a lot of them! When his inner life is accidentally discovered, however, he finds his staff more accommodating than he might have thought, and embarks on an odyssey into willing she-male submission and enforced feminisation that will change his life – and those of his colleagues – forever. A tale of kinky cross-dressing and sexual fulfilment from the author of The Last Straw.

Silken Embrace (Nexus):
The Bigger Picture is a radical and powerful organisation of dominant women intent on turning young men into ultra glamorous she-males to become house maids that serve wealthy women and demanding men. Shelly manages to escape the strict training program and shelters with Mrs Ambrose, a beautiful and glamorous widow who runs a rival academy. But it’s not long before the beautiful and severe agents of the Bigger Picture track her down and return her to captivity,where her erotic torments and re-education continue, with an even greater creativity and extremity than ever before.

Silken Servitude (Nexus):
Pretty she-male Shelly has had her secret dreams of domination and feminisation fulfilled by Aunt Jane. Yet her willing slavery has taken a new and even more kinky turn with her induction into the Bigger Picture, a secret society of female dominants dedicated to the world wide subjugation of the male. In this intensely erotic and exciting sequel to the Company of Slaves, we discover a plot to turn the entire male sex into helpless sissy slaves and follow Shelly’s final jouney into a realm of total silken servitude.

Company Of Slaves (Nexus):
Michael is a high-flying graduate beginning a career at Lovelace Fashion and Design under the tutelage of the haughty chief executive, Emily Lovelace. What Michael really wants, however, is to spend his life as a masochistic she-male. To his surprise, fear and excitement, LFD have the perfect opening for a man of his predilections. Sheathed in silks and satins subservient and suitably restrained, Michael might just fit the brief…

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